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Winter Solstice 2020: Crystalline Portal

Bright Crystalline Blessings and Salutations on this Solstice moment!

WE ARE HERE! After a powerful year of change, an incredible month of December has been unfolding with potent celestial alignments. Things continue to move, have you noticed? Solstice is always special because it is an opportunity to begin again. To rest, renew and dream a new dream. This Winter Solstice is power packed with Galactic alignments and literally creation frequencies bathing our planet. As we go deep into the longest night, we are beckoned to go deep within, to connect with the center of our Being and to empty out and become still. Opening to receive we can integrate the powerful transmissions that are coming from the galactic core. We are undergoing a massive up level and shift. I know you feel it!

It’s uncomfortable and tremendously important.

This is awakening and activating all Beings to Remember their Cosmic Self. Some will not hear the call, everyone is using this energy to support what they need.

The old order is crumbling, so let go! We came here to be a part of this.

Those who are here now are assisting the upliftment, holding compassionate presence, awakened visioning and dreaming, to shift into the Golden Age. It’s time to connect to our global family in even greater ways to strengthen the web of healing.

A massive creation energy is helping us rebirth into the crystalline. Ages before us have tried this and failed. Enough of us are awake now to hold a clear vision of how we want it to be.

It has to be done with consciousness, clarity and Mastery Presence.

It has been given by the Archangelic that the end of all addiction is upon us…think on this…addiction to hatred, victim, violence, separateness, anger, drama, chaos, poverty, illness, greed and the list goes on.

The creation energy coming in is a magnifier! What do you want to magnify?

Let’s come together to vision and dream a new Earth, to strengthen and see the healing, balance, beauty and harmony returning. Everyone by now has gotten in touch with what really matters. This has been a wake up call on so many levels. When you stop for a moment and witness something that touches your heart, you realize that WE ARE ALL so precious.

I too, miss having our Winter Solstice celebrations, with community coming together to celebrate the birth of the light. So magical and mystical. Now, take a moment and close your eyes and tune in to our global family. Somewhere there is a sacred fire, a ceremony of Elders, a beautiful group creating music, someone communing with whales, deep in the forrest a special magical circle. High in the sacred mountains, deep in the woods, all over this beautiful Pachamama people are holding a new dream for our Earth Mother Gaia.

We can and do make a difference. With consciousness we can change everything.

First we must lift to radiate light, beauty, peace, love, unity, oneness.

I have been guided to create an altar that has several levels of crystalline attunements. This is a Solstice offering to connect with the energy coming in now. The dream chamber is a portal and each level will open you to receive what you need.

In the video below, you can tune in and play at any time, several times and even save for later to tap into the energy. Look at the image and then soften your gaze, close your eyes and receive.

I look forward to all that is unfolding in the New Year emerging. Be kind to yourself and others. Hold love for all, as all are birthing!

Let’s hold a vision of Illumination, Genius , Beauty, Laughter, Light, Play, Creativity, Wonder, Imagination, Innovation, Remembrance, Reverence, Connection, Unity and Harmony, Love and Health and much more.

With great appreciation for all of you that I have witnessed this year and your incredible courage and strength…you lift me up! May we all lift each other!

Much love and gratitude, Peace


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