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Atlantean Healing Chamber

The Atlantean Healing Chamber is a two-day process. It is an ancient protocol that was used in Egyptian Healing Temples.

The Atlantean Healing Chamber is helpful in accessing the energy to really clear trauma from the body. There are times when healing just cannot be accessed in a simple balancing session.

It is then suggested that the Atlantean Healing Chamber would be the next step, to really help you to go deep and release past life trauma and contracts, unhealthy patterning, imprints, blockages and ancestral cords and attachments. The Atlantean Healing Chamber is helpful to access the deep unconscious patterning that keeps one in cycles of pain, addiction and illness.

When an Avesa Medical Intuitive scan reveals energies that are presenting symptoms that are connected to past lives, usually it is suggested that the next step is to work with the Healing Chamber to clear as much as possible. This actually frees up an incredible amount of energy that the person could be using for creative endeavors in their life.

Past life imprints, traumas, patterning, contracts, cords and attachments show up as pain and chronic conditions, manifesting as depression and even mental illness in our current lives. The inability to change or the same painful pattern or scenario showing up, again and again is a possible indicator that this protocol would be useful. Atlantean Healing Chamber is also useful for clearing ancestral DNA patterning and contracts. To heal our ancestral roots is to literally heal our genetic patterning. We heal for all the generations behind us and the generations to come. In the Shamanic Healing Traditions it is usually considered our duty to heal for our Ancestors. At any rate the relief experienced with this session is worth the time and effort.

This is a session that needs to be in person as the healing room is set up specifically for this particular energy session.

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