Meditations are an experience and transmission of energy that will uplift and guide you into a new level of balance and joy. Use them as often as you wish to center yourself before you start the day or at any time that you need rejuvenation and vitality. By releasing stress through breath and meditation we actually can restore ourselves with the benefit equal to a quick afternoon nap. Enjoy!

Below are some free meditations so you can begin your practice.

Dream Chamber Meditation 2019Mari Mendoza
00:00 / 24:12

Welcome to the Dream Chamber

A Dream Chamber is an energetic space, container, a portal, that is anchored and holds high frequency crystalline light. It is supported by the many Legions of Light. It assists us to focus our Light and uplift the Crystalline Matrix and strengthen the New Emerging World. It is located in the Quantum field- out of time, place, in between. It is a doorway to other realms, connected and accessible, it allows for creative dreaming. Shamans have been dreaming - visioning - creating with consciousness in the quantum field for eons of time. This is an opportunity to dream awake and apply focus to what you would like to see happen.
Consciousness is expanding, what we focus on, we create. 
We can come together and magnify the collective vision to transform our world for the better of all.  
Reverence and gratitude for the moment we are in now is so important to pave the way for greater things to unfold. 
Enter with the knowing that you are powerful and that anything is possible.
It begins with you! Thank you for contributing your beauty and love. 

Let’s begin…
You may start with a moment to center yourself, put everything away and take a few breaths. Release the outer world and bring your focus to your heart, to this moment. You may be in a special place for meditation, perhaps light a candle, put on soft music. You may soften your gaze and look at the photo of the Dream Chamber, let yourself just connect for a moment and then close your eyes and listen to the meditation you feel drawn to experience in this moment. Give yourself time to connect, no need to do it a certain way, just relax and go on a journey. You can connect with it as often as you like. You might journal your experiences or take a bath, perhaps listen before you go to sleep and see what comes in your dreams. Enjoy!

New Moon Lotus of Divine Presence 2019.mMari Mendoza
00:00 / 15:27

The Lotus of Divine Presence

An energetic alignment to connect with your Greater Self. 
Gaze at the image and then breathe, hand to heart. 
Move into your center as if you have stepped forward into the Lotus and connect with your True Self, 
breathe, gaze at the image for a few moments and notice what you feel.
You are aligned with the Infinite Unified Stream of Crystalline Light. 
Open to receive the beauty and revelation that awaits you.
When you are ready, connect the the meditation and enjoy!

Heart-Centering MeditationMari Mendoza
00:00 / 12:02

A centering practice to help you stabilize and focus on opening  your  being to receive higher frequencies. When we center our heart we can go forward in our day with the perspective of balance and peace.

Infinity Chakra BalancingMari Mendoza
00:00 / 14:06

Start your day with a chakra balancing meditation.

Violet Flame New Moon MeditationMari Mendoza
00:00 / 13:28

A powerful practice to help you hold the focus of the Violet Flame in your consciousness. A cleansing balancing practice to help you release blockages and stress. This meditation is very helpful when you are experiencing challenges that distract you from your balance. The Violet Flame is a powerful alchemical transformational energy that cleanses on all levels.

The Living Ankh - Breath of Compassion.mMari Mendoza
00:00 / 23:04