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Why work with Mari?

Who I am -

I am a Master Healer with 28 years of training, experience and exploration of many healing modalities. I am a bridge between the worlds to assist you to connect to profound states of connection, illumination and transformation. 

What I offer -

I provide a space in which the client can access the energy to help them shift and transform their lives. We connect to who they really are, to the healing power within, and discover areas in their lives that need transformation. Most clients will experience lightness, deep peace and centeredness, an experience of expansion and freedom.

Why? -

If you want to:

  • feel better

  • raise your vibration

  • shift your life

  • access states of creativity blocked and frozen in trauma - in your body, mind or spirit,

  • open to new possibilities

  •  release the past and transform your life

Sometimes it requires help and guidance from someone who has been there…. Are you ready?

The value of my services -

Working with someone who has many years of experience and personal transformation…
It’s all about energy. We access tremendous states of illumination and connection through the Consciousness of Healing…using Reiki, Sound, Crystals and much more. We can achieve results in one or two sessions that might take years of talk therapy. The benefit is a feeling of deep connection and freedom, an opening and sense of expansion.

What I bring to you -

I have 25 years of experience, teaching, traveling, and learning from multiple healing traditions. I weave together ancient knowledge and modern science, quantum physics to offer the most beneficial opportunity to open up and grow. Through healing myself I have extensive knowledge of body, mind, spirit. I have learned how to bring forth the greatest information and clarity for health and wellness on all levels.

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