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Cosmic Life Regression

Cosmic Life Regression is an ancient technique given to us by the Archangelic Realm. It is a Healing Protocol that can free up energy that has been stuck for eons of time.

During a session of Cosmic Life Regression your physical form is nourished into a deep sense of peace so that the Soul-body can fully release and be taken on a guided journey. This journey connects you to the Cosmic points in your Souls Lineage.

This is different from a Past Life Regression because it offers an opportunity to connect to information and lifetimes not on this planet, but off world, our cosmic connection into many different realms and lifetimes.

As your personal journey begins, we explore the Hall of Records, in which the Akashic information becomes available as points of light. These points hold energy charges that are relevant for who you are now. These points of light are gateways to access the divine cosmic lifetimes. We then journey to gather the jewels of these lifetimes of experiences that make up who you are now.

  • Have you wondered why you chose this planet?

  • Why you chose this life?

  • Why you chose your parents?

  • What your life mission is?

A Cosmic Life Regression is useful for clearing repetitive patterns. Permanently heal and reclaim your ancient wisdom. It brings you into the deeper Cosmic understanding of your origins. It answers questions about life and helps you to connect to awareness of your journey through the Cosmos.

Because we are utilizing Quantum energy and space this also can be done long distance remotely and be as effective as in-person.

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