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NES Health - Bioenergetics


I would like to introduce you to an incredible opportunity for Health and Wellness. 

Do you need support and a way to regain your vitality, and nothing seems to work?

I have worked, studied and experienced many different avenues for well being in body, mind and spirit. 
I have witnessed incredible turn arounds of illness on my journey, some miraculous, some from pure diligence and the courage to change everything! 
There are many known ancient methods of healing, physical therapies like massage, acupuncture, nutrition and exercise that enhance health. Spiritual healing and meditation, stress reduction, and mindfulness. All of these are beneficial. 
What if you have tried it all, and cannot sit still in meditation because your body hurts? 
Or you do not have the energy to even get out of bed? 
There is a way to find out what is going on and correct the body-field so that you can be restored to optimal health. 

Now, science has evolved to open up many exciting areas. 

The field of study called Quantum Physics opens the door to so much more than we could have known. At a subatomic level, we are energy.  The ancients knew this. We can now track how the body actually holds and stores energy. We require energy to live. This is fundamental for health.
It is time to go beyond just the physical biology into the core mechanics of what really is health!

How we look at health is changing. We know now that body, mind, spirit is not just an idea, it is science, physics and much more. Everything is connected and our health depends upon it. 

This is an exciting time to be exploring health because we have so many choices. There are more and more fields of study and documentation of the benefits of many different modalities that address health, from ancient methods to modern technology. 

NES Health is one of those incredible opportunities to open a  whole new way of aligning with your most optimal health. 
Do you experience chronic tiredness, pain, exhaustion, loss of enthusiasm for life.
Is your health a constant worry and nothing seems to work. 
Have you searched and no one has any answers or can offer help that restores you?
What do you do? 

Try something different!  Bioenergetics!

NES Health is the leader in the study, detection, and correction of energy in living systems. They have spent decades mapping out the energy and communication systems of the body, known as the human body field,
which is the control system for all physical activity.

When the Field is underpowered or distorted, it is unable to run the body at optimal levels, and the body’s cells and systems begin to fail. Like a computer that does not have the right program, your body needs correct information, and it needs to flow for it to function properly. 

How does that happen? 
Many things can get in the way, such as toxins, repeated trauma, stress, accidents, or poor habits, inactivity, negative attitude. 
Everything in our modern world impacts our health. 
Body, mind, spirit.
We are at a turning point, you can restore your health.

Where to start and how it works…

The founders of the NES Health system designed and developed an incredible scanning technology that assesses your biofield in just seconds. You place your hand on the scanner and it will read the energetics of your body, providing a map of where the distortions are in your energy field. When there are weaknesses or congestions, there is a strong correlation to health problems.

This is not a diagnosis, but a reading that gives information pointing to areas that require support. 

Underlying issues can be seen and addressed by giving the correct information to repair and restore all areas.

Your body has incredible healing capacities. Think of all the thousands of processes that happen all day that you are not even aware of. Providing support is the key.
A scan will reveal what is needing to be addressed and corrected first.
This in itself is powerful to see.

There are several ways to go about the next step,  depending on what is revealed.  

Also, it is now possible to have a scan in the comfort of your own home. We can do a remote session!

If you come in person to have a session, we would use a device called the miHealth. 
This is a unique device that uses PEMF technology with NES Health’s proprietary field correction signals.  
It will help clear and rejuvenate your energy according to the scan recommendations,
radiating vibrations that help to align you in balance.

What happens next?   The use of Infocueticals is key. 

These are liquid remedies that support the body to restore and correct at each level. They are simple to take, a few drops in water every day to help the body optimize alignment with healthy organs, tissues, all systems in the body realigning and correcting. Over time , as in the testimonials, you can turn around chronic, debilitating states into restored vitality. 

Infocueticals are energetically imprinted water that holds the correct information so that your body can align in 
optimal balance. 
You are given a recommendation for a set of Infocueticals, based on the scan. . 
Infocueticals optimize the body-fields energy levels and information flow so that 
proper communication takes place.
A healthy body is all about energy and communication. 
These remedies have helped thousands of people around the world and they are simple to take. 

Depending on your state of health, over time you will feel better and stronger. 

Of course , going deeper with complementary modalities will always assist and deepen your experience. 
It is always an option, if you are ready for deeper states of wellbeing on all levels.

NES HEALTH  Services and Rates:

INTIAL CONSULTATION:  1.5 hour scan  with recommendations for support Infocueticals

          Local in-person scan:          $225.00 plus Infocueticals (approximate cost $100/month)

          Remote scan & scanner:   $225.00 & $60 (scanner - to be ordered)

          Infocueticals:  3-month Trial price $100 for 5 Infocueticals per month

FOLLOWUP SCAN:  $150.00/hour  -  includes reading and interpretations  of your scan  and I can order  the                         Infocueticals  needed and recommend additional support

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