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Healing Sessions

Shamanic / Reiki / Quantum Healing - In Person - 2hrs - $300

A session begins with brief discussion to discover the focus for the session.
You will then relax on the table while a prayer is offered to maximize the energy for balance and transformation.
Beginning with an Avesa balancing to open the energy field to receive higher frequencies, 
You will experience various things - deep relaxation - sound - singing, rattles, drums, bowls etc.. 
This is so that the body and spirit are cleansed, balanced and uplifted. 
Old trauma or pain may surface, your body and spirit know what you need most.
We address whatever is most important at that moment to bring optimal healing and transformation.
You will experience profound shifts on all levels, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual.

Avesa Balancing Healing Session - In Person/Remote - 1 hr - $150, 1.5 hours $225

Avesa Quantum Healing is a unique energy, a modality that opens and prepares the person for higher frequencies to facilitate the healing process. It is the foundation for all sessions and provides an expansionary energy that shifts and transforms everything.
Prior to the session, a question or intention is provided to bring focus for information to come forward.
A session begins with a brief discussion of the question provided,
Using information from the Cards of Clarity and Quantum Clairvoyance,
You receive a reading based on what is coming forward for you.
We then move into an Avesa Balancing that is a guided meditation, an energetic balancing -
a purifying and cleansing chakra by chakra, weaving in whatever information has come forward around the question and reading.
You will receive a recording of the session.

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