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Shamanic / Reiki / Quantum Healing - In Person - 2hrs - $350

A session begins with brief discussion to discover the focus for the session.
You will then relax on the table while a prayer is offered to maximize the energy for balance and transformation.
Beginning with an Avesa balancing to open the energy field to receive higher frequencies, 
You will experience various things - deep relaxation - sound - singing, rattles, drums, bowls etc.. 
This is so that the body and spirit are cleansed, balanced and uplifted. 
Old trauma or pain may surface, your body and spirit know what you need most.
We address whatever is most important at that moment to bring optimal healing and transformation.
You will experience profound shifts on all levels, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual.

Avesa Balancing Healing Session - In Person/Remote - 1 hr - $200, 1.5 hours $275

Avesa Quantum Healing is a unique energy, a modality that opens and prepares the person for higher frequencies to facilitate the healing process. It is the foundation for all sessions and provides an expansionary energy that shifts and transforms everything.
Prior to the session, a question or intention is provided to bring focus for information to come forward.
A session begins with a brief discussion of the question provided,
Using information from the Cards of Clarity and Quantum Clairvoyance,
You receive a reading based on what is coming forward for you.
We then move into an Avesa Balancing that is a guided meditation, an energetic balancing -
a purifying and cleansing chakra by chakra, weaving in whatever information has come forward around the question and reading.
You will receive a recording of the session.

READINGS - In Person / Remote 

Quantum Clairvoyance - 1 hr - $200 
To establish focus , questions are provided by the client prior to the reading.
Your name, age and location are also needed to tune into your energy field. 
A reading is prepared and at the time of the call you will receive the information.
There will be an opportunity for discussion to ask for more clarity.
You will receive a recording of the session.

Expanded Ascension Spread - 1.5 hrs -  $275
Quantum Clairvoyance 15 Card Reading - 
This is an extensive reading providing information for your life….starting with a focus,
you will receive guidance on worldly concerns, how you are being assisted by the Divine, 
and Your Higher Self, what demands your attention, and the energy of your Soul in Action.
You will be provided with a recording of the reading.


Ascended Numerology
Let go of everything you knew about numerology.The ancient mystical protocol of Ascended Numerology is a blessing, unlike any other numerology you have experienced. It is a totally unique system of working with mathematical sequences and occurrences in our lives...more info


  • Diamond Foundation Reading - 1 hr - $ 300

This reading is based on 4 numbers which you provide prior to the reading,
Your….birth name, birth place, birth date - added up produces a final number.
This is the Code of the Soul, the Cosmic Energy of your Soul.
A reading is given based on these four numbers that reveals much information about you,
your purpose, what you came here to do, and why you may be feeling the way you do on your current journey.
You will be provided with a recording of the reading.


  • Full Expanded Life Review / Soul Code Reading - 2 hrs - $400

Includes a Diamond Foundation - 
Expanded by questions concerning life, current information added to the chart…name change, address, other peoples names added / overlaid to reveal dynamics…
This reading reveals more layers and also suggests use of the crystals and practices that coincide with the numbers for greater expansion. 
You will receive a recording of the session.

Avesa Medical Intuitive  - more info - 1 .5hrs - $400 
This is a powerful session to reveal information about how your entire energy field is balancing.
We use this to discover underlying issues that cause disease or illness in the body, mind, spirit.
Prior to session, you will provide your name, age, location and permission to scan. 
A remote scan of your entire energy field, chakra by chakra is charted.
A reading is based on what is discovered, how the energy flows and how it relates to illness, or other factors in your life that keep you limited or in states of poor health.
At a scheduled time, we come together and a reading is given. 
We finish with an Avesa Balancing to shift the energy for greater flow of health and well being.
You will be provided with a recording of the session.

Avesa Medical Intuitive Coaching Package  - 7 1hr sessions….$1000
A seven session platform to go in-depth with the information discovered from the Medical Intuitive Scan.
Chakra by chakra, we unpack the information that is revealed.
Questions are asked that open up areas for movement and shift.
Each session, a guided meditation is given to focus and balance the energy as a practice,
so that you have support to bring yourself into greater clarity and well being.
You will receive a recording of the session.

Cosmic Life Regression - In Person or Remote - 2 hours - $350

(Initial session of Avesa Balancing or Shamanic/Reiki session to establish readiness for journey is suggested.)

A session begins with setting an intention, you will be sent an email to prepare you. 
It is a brief description and preparation so that you can understand what we are doing and formulate an intention for the session. This is an energy alignment with your Souls journey, it is different from “Past Life Regression” because it connect’s you with experiences that you have had, off planet in other realms. 
We are in an amazing time of expansion into our Cosmic Lineage. 
Who you really are is beyond this body, this one life, this planet! 
As we begin, you will be guided into a deep connection with Crystalline Light to assist raising your frequency to travel and discover the gifts that are yours to harvest. 
This is a profound healing journey which can unlock your potential for new understanding of your Self and your purpose in the world.
You will be guided to rest and take a special bath afterwards to integrate the energy.
You will receive a recording of the session.

CEREMONIES - Group Experiences

If you are interested in having a special private event, a ceremony, house blessing, cleansing, renewal, a mini retreat
we customize group experiences to uplift and energize all involved. 
This may be a
wedding party, a group of friends, a memorial for someone, a house blessing / cleansing, retirement
a new family, a New Moon focus ceremony for new opportunities…
Together we can create something special just for you!

It is possible to travel to you, let us know what you have in mind so that we can best serve you. 
Email us for details and logistics so that we can make it happen. 
We will do our best to fulfill special requests.

Group rates vary according to size and travel.
Basic rates in this surrounding area of the Desert…range from  

Fire Ceremony - Quechua Lineage of Peru - 2 hours
In Peru known as Limpia - Cleansing, purification, releasing into the Fire old habits, stories and energies that weigh you down. 
It can be a preparation for something new to come, a new direction in your life, a releasing of old trauma, 
an honoring and letting go of something that no longer serves. 
A wonderful way to start the New Year or any time that needs purification to make way for better creations to come.

This is done outside, but can also be done indoors and is equally powerful if the setting does not have a fire pit.

Despacho Ceremony - 2-3 hours
Traditional Peruvian Healing Ceremony - for blessing and balance.
This is a wonderful private or group celebration of life. 
Together we weave a beautiful Earth Mandala from traditional supplies to represent balance and abundance.
Using prayer, breathe, love, flowers, seeds, chocolate for sweetness , stars, crystals and much more, 
the group comes together to create this, everyone can be involved, even children! 
This magnifies the blessing and creativity for healing, health, abundance, for a married couple, a birth, 
to assist those transitioning to be guided by Light, protection, to bless a new house, and much more.

To finish, either we release into the fire or fold the Despacho for you to take and bury for deep slow change and transformation.

This ceremony requires preparation of supplies and extra set up time to create the perfect, most beautiful creation possible.  

We have all that you need to create the space for an amazing experience!

Sound Healing - 2 hours 

This can be a ceremony, set with a crystal grid, or a simple Sound bath, or a combination of other elements to create
a beautiful, relaxing, healing experience for your special retreat weekend.

Sound is powerful! 
A beautiful arrangement of instruments is set up to bring various levels of sound and frequency.
This is perfect for harmonizing and transforming the individual as well as a group.
We begin with a short introduction to Sound and the profound way it affects the body.
You will experience many different sounds and can use this to transport yourself into 
wonderful states of bliss and peace.
Participants report that they are so relaxed that they don’t want to move afterwards. 

We can also include mantra chanting to experience the voice and how powerful the vibration is!


NES HEALTH Services and Rates:

INTIAL CONSULTATION:  1.5 hour scan  with recommendations for support Infocueticals

          Local in-person scan:          $225.00 plus Infocueticals (approximate cost $100/month)

          Remote scan & scanner:   $225.00 & $60 (scanner - to be ordered)

          Infocueticals:  3-month Trial price $100 for 5 Infocueticals per month

FOLLOWUP SCAN:  $150.00/hour  -  includes reading and interpretations  of your scan  and I can order  the                         Infocueticals  needed and recommend additional support

Fire Ceremony
Cosmic Life Regression
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