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Ascended Numerology 


Imagine unlocking the inner wisdom contained within the Code of your Soul.
What would it reveal? What would it confirm? What would you do with this extraordinary information and insight?

Let go of everything you knew about numerology.
The ancient mystical protocol of Ascended Numerology is a blessing, unlike any other numerology you have experienced. It is a totally unique system of working with mathematical sequences and occurrences in our lives, and reveals coded sequences that were used by the Ancient Essene Brethren. It was lost in the burning of the library of Alexandria and lost to our world for eons of time, until it was recently gifted back to the planet.

Ascended Numerology gives you information based on the energy of your Soul Code. It can shed light on choices you’ve made and answer questions, can heal repeating patterns, and offer guidance. It shows your uniqueness and brings about self-acceptance concerning the time, place, date and circumstances of your birth. There are no mistakes, the numerology of your name, birthplace, birth-date reveals and contribute to the energy and uniqueness of who you are.

This system is stunningly accurate, and this process will assist you to reveal extraordinary insights and guidance that will enhance all aspects of your life.

The greater expansive evolutionary energy is calling us to expand in our wisdom, connect to our divine inheritance and to remember our cosmic origins.

Discover the mystical codes that connect you to why you are here,  why you chose this lifetime, place of birth and time period to be born.

Ascended Numerology offers complete spiritual freedom and healing, while opening the gateway to self trust and divine guidance.


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