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 Medical Intuition

An Avesa Medical Intuition session is an intuitive scan of the entire energy field.

These sessions are useful for tracking down the origin of physical illness.  In many events it can also find and clear emotional and spiritual imbalances. This intuitive system is instrumental tracking the energy flow through the body.
It reveals the emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances.

By Intuitively scanning the body, what is revealed is the source of imbalance in the various parts of your being. Through scanning the chakras, the subtle energy field that influences health, presents itself clearly exposing where the energy flows and where it is blocked.

Avesa Medical Intuition helps one to see the connection between body mind and spirit. Once you see the energetic underpinnings of pain and illness in your life you can unlock warehouses of hidden energy they have been blocked to empower your life.

The physical body and all of the organs, muscles, nerves, structures of the physical are connected to the chakras and reveal energy flows that are influenced by the emotional body.

Injury or history of trauma can influence the energy field and block up huge stores of life force needed for vitality. 
A scan can reveal blockages that can be cleared and worked with to bring about balance in the physical body as well as the chakras, because all systems are connected.

Typical session consists of: (In-Person or Remotely)

  •  A Reading of your energy field and chakras

  •  Discussion of Intuitive Scan.

  •  Strengths and Weaknesses found during Intuitive Scan

  •  Complete Avesa Balancing session.

  •  Discussion of next course of action.

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