Cosmic Wisdom, Sacred Earth

Cosmic Wisdom, Sacred Earth is an alignment, a platform to honor the Earth and a portal to the Cosmic Wisdom that is available to help us lift up into expanded states of consciousness. When we tap into this very high frequency, we can access Universal knowledge and guidance.

In this evolutionary cycle, it is important to raise our vibration in order to go to the next level.
Everything is about frequency, and today we are on the leading edge of Quantum Consciousness
We are in an era of tremendous shift and expansion. We are capable of creation, we are creative thinkers, shapers of our reality. As we expand and tap into our true genius, we can find solutions and illumination to all that we need to shift and birth a new world. The ancients have talked about this period we are in. As we evolve, we are opening to our true origins, our multi-dimensional Cosmic awareness.  

I have been blessed to encounter many beautiful beings on my path…. Shamans, Native Elders, Wisdom Keepers, Oracles, Medicine Women and Men, Priestesses, Yoginis, Gurus, Rinpoches, Artists, Musicians, Dancers, Athletes, Scientists, Children and many more. All of them have been my teachers.

How do we bring it all together to navigate this time we find ourselves in?

Universal Consciousness, Oneness, Unity, Respect, Reverence, Compassion, Art, Dance, Sound, Ceremony, Joy, Laughter, Light…the vibration of LOVE…this is so important now, to walk on this sacred Earth, and open to our Cosmic Wisdom.

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