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Welcome to Cosmic Wisdom, Sacred Earth Portal - The Course

Welcome to Cosmic Wisdom, Sacred Earth Portal - The Course 

Namaste Cosmic Journeyers,

We are so excited to offer the Cosmic Wisdom, Sacred Earth Course!!! 

This course was created to be used with the Cosmic Wisdom, Sacred Earth Card Deck.

Join us on this journey of exploration through Sacred Earth teachings, now that the course is complete, as you go through the sessions, just know that the energy has already been set by the group that attended live.

You will experience in quantum time, the transmissions of energy, receive inspiration, dive into meditation, and trust what you experience.

Learn how to apply simple Ancient tools to enhance and balance your path in this “Now“ moment. 

Once you sign up, you can enter the portal where you will find all of the course materials. Enjoy exploring for yourself the meditations / articles / tools that you can use at any time to enhance your unique journey. 

The Cosmic Wisdom Sacred Earth Course comes with the Quantum Portals of Wisdom Deck -
Class and Deck $333.00

Register here by filling out this form:

We will send you the password to the Portal once you've purchased this course.

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Already have the cards? - The  Cosmic  Wisdom  Sacred  Earth  Course - no cards Class only - $297.00 sign up for just the class here:

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This course is focused around -

The Cosmic Wisdom Sacred Earth Quantum Healing Cards

The first series of six sessions will be a complete teaching of Sacred Earth. 

You will receive access to the Cosmic Wisdom Sacred Earth Portal. Recordings of each session that you can review again, and again, 

and extra meditations and practices that will help you navigate this moment


We will have time to integrate before we begin the next level.


A second series of sessions will follow up later in the year that will expand upon the Cosmic  Wisdom.


There is plenty to explore, as these ancient teachings reveal what is needed in the moment.


 Sacred Earth -  Part One - Available Now

In this first program of Sacred Earth,

you will find a progression of wisdom teachings, that are woven together as we meet in each session. Through art, sound, frequency, meditation, and discussion, we will join together to co-create this moment of multidimensionality, and the remembering of our Cosmic  Origins .


This is an opportunity for you to experience for yourself, the practicality and simple techniques of connecting to the ancient balancing method of the Medicine Wheel.

This course is meant to be experienced in your own personal way, by connecting to the Sacred,  Elements of this physical realm that we live in. 

You will be guided through each portal to a Multi - Dimensional experience of what is needed for you right now.


The teachings that come from ancient traditions will be given with simple guidance, as together we connect , and expand in a profound way. 

Each will have their own experience as we navigate the portals and what they represent.


The balance and healing that you will receive is profound. And, as the Balancing and Lifting happen, you will be ready to move into the higher frequencies of the Galactic Chakras. 


This is a celebration for this moment!! Much will be revealed , for those who step into the circle , as we open to elevate in the Highest Good For All.


This will prepare us for the second series -

Cosmic Wisdom - Part Two 

(Early 2024)


This is the pathway lifting into our Cosmic Chakras , the stairway that leads to stabilization of the fifth dimensional energies, seventh dimensional, and ninth dimensional energies and beyond.

There is much talk of Ascension, which the Ancient Ones , Ascended Masters,  and Master Teachers eluded to in all of their teachings.


We are in that moment now! 

We have gone beyond where we have ever been before. 


It is said that we are in uncharted waters . 

How exciting as we step into remembering our Divinity and Creating new realities.

It is necessary to access these high frequencies in order to assist the earth to ascend. 

It is a moment of transcending and balancing the Body with the Soul 


We are in a profound expansionary moment of evolution, and rapidly on the escalator moving up, into our Divine Galactic Inheritance.

While we live in physical bodies, we are also Spirit … Soul .


Cosmic Wisdom is the profound galactic connection to our Cosmic  Chakras . 

We will explore portals that have been re-opened again, as we are releasing the veils of unconsciousness.


As we move upward in frequency and vibration,

our consciousness fields allow us to access Cosmic  Codes

that help us to Remember 

Who We Are 

as vast Beings of Light !!


We will explore, using the Cosmic Wisdom, Sacred Earth healing deck, 

Receiving the images in the cards ,  as a practice, to access transmissions of Celestial  Light.


The visionary art can be experienced as quantum portals

that represent the Divine Galactic Blueprint as I experienced,

and was given the vision of these transmissions. 


These can be worked with as you navigate through your day to day experience.


More will be given in this second series as the Superior Realms of Light , the Shining Ones, the Ascended Masters , Archangelic Host, and our Galactic and Cosmic teams come together with us  to co-create a stabilization of alignment with the Highest  Orders  of  Light.


What an exciting time to be here! 


Step in and join us, as we begin this journey together

to find a balance between Heaven and Earth , 

Body and Soul… Sacred  Union.


A melding of Spirit and Soul Anchoring our Cosmic Chakras, 

as we assist the planetary expansion to uplift, upgrade, and transcend into new levels of creativity and beauty!


I can’t wait to get started and meet all of you fellow Star Travelers 


Sign up now and claim your seat !

I’ll meet you in the Portal 


Learn all about Mari's Deck of Quantum Healing Cards

Deck of 24 Cards which 22 of them are Art & Meditation Oriented.

This is a visionary art meditation deck that transmits cosmic frequencies when gazed upon. 


This deck was created as a tool to use anytime , to inspire and uplift your energy field and to assist in helping to let go of the density mind and expand into multi-dimensional awareness. 


Each image is a portal that holds a frequency for divine remembering, 

an opportunity to expand into the next level of consciousness in your life.


Not only are they beautiful, the cards are a tool for transformation! Beginning with the Sacred Earth, they direct movement around the circle to find balance. The directional gateways in Earth based cultures are commonly known as the medicine wheel.


Each one is for the balancing of an element, Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Ether, and how that corresponds to you. Also, how you are navigating your life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 


The center is the portal to open into higher realms, bringing heaven to earth.

This is a gateway that opens into galactic doorways of higher intelligence and wisdom. Explore and open to deeper knowing with-in you.


Use with meditation, or simply take a moment and choose a card for the day - 

display in your favorite spot where you will be reminded of the energy and message.

Can be purchased and experienced as is, or used and expanded with the class series that goes in depth with stories and practices that will give deeper integration to your experience of the cards.


Join us for the class series that will absolutely open your awareness and bring to focus what is important now! 

Stay tuned for the class updates, you can find more information at, on Instagram or sign up for the newsletter at 

Just click / tap on a video below to listen:

Cosmic Wisdom, Sacred Earth

Cosmic Wisdom, Sacred Earth

Cosmic Wisdom, Sacred Earth
Oneness Talk Radio - March 11, 2022 - "Energy Alignment - March Equinox"
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Oneness Talk Radio - March 11, 2022 - "Energy Alignment - March Equinox"

Oneness Talk Radio - Feb 11, 2022 - "Cosmic Wisdom, Sacred Earth - Stepping into the Wheel"
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Oneness Talk Radio - Feb 11, 2022 - "Cosmic Wisdom, Sacred Earth - Stepping into the Wheel"

Stepping into the Wheel
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Stepping into the Wheel

Cosmic Wisdom, Sacred Earth
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Cosmic Wisdom, Sacred Earth

Creating an Altar
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Creating an Altar

Earth Mandala Ceremony
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Earth Mandala Ceremony

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