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Empowered! Illuminated New Moon Meditation - January 11, 2024

Namaste Beauty Walkers!Happy New Year!!!

I have included a meditation for the New Moon  to help you receive and focus on the New You!!

Take this moment to breathe and recognize 

that we have stepped onto a new timeline. 

This can feel very destabilizing as the new has not anchored in yet. 

This is a very powerful moment. 

For those of you who have tracked with me in ceremony or private sessions, 

we have witnessed the power of big change happening in our lives!

Personally, recently, I have had to let go of everything else 

and focus my attention on what was happening.

Thus, my disappearing act at times, off of social media etc...

stepping back from the world to take care of the shifting. 

I myself have undergone huge deep excavation in the last year,

but specifically the last few months of 2023… 

In preparation for this moment now that is unfolding.

I will share that I have had moments, 

that took me to what we call the borderlands of sanity. 

Pushing me past my comfort zone into something 

that forced me to change and release very very old patterns

in order to step up for this year that has arrived, 2024.

This has been a massive preparation.

I can only describe this as navigating rapids, 

at times, without a paddle, and then finding balance, 

and recognizing no matter how terrifying it can feel, 

that there are always guides directing the next evolution. 

I find myself arriving at this moment of the New Moon,

not where I expected to be, but exactly where I’m supposed to be. 

This brings the sense of gratitude and peace, 

because I know that I am always Divinely Inspired.

Plans change, how are you with sudden abrupt change?

Can you let go of the control? 

Can you trust that your guidance is directing you 

to what you are meant to be doing?

Can you trust that there is great beauty unfolding?

If you hold your focus and stay connected 

to your Light and Divine Connection, 

what is being revealed may surprise you and inspire you.

Your Light teams and the Universe have got your back.

I am really looking forward to this year unfolding 

and the amazing opportunities that are happening, 

and of course,  

it is not in my timing and yet the path is clear. 

It all comes down to trust.

What I came to realize as I was navigating the waters, 

 that I had beautiful people in my corner, 

 giving me their support and inspiration,

 which helped me piece by piece,

 to move through the challenges that were ahead of me. 

 2024 is an opportunity to come together

 in community and hold the light for each other

 and create beauty.

As we stand together, we are Empowered, surfing the waves, 

coming together in community, connecting, 

and drawing upon the support and knowledge, 

wisdom, and gifts of each other. 

Everyone of us is moving through this momentous time 

so that we can Thrive and Stabilize in the New Timeline 

that is anchoring in as we come into this moment. 

I have been very actutely aware of how important this is 

as I navigate through a very challenging moment. 

As I said, All of this has been building for many months.

In my deep dive into the healing, 

it gave me the opportunity 

to recognize all of the gifts, 

all of the beauty that I have in my life. 

On reflection, I am seeing all of the amazing connections 

I have made , the work I have done, 

which, can feel non-existent when you are in the throes of change.

Everything that is unfolding now is in perfect Divine Timing. 

For the first time in a very long time, 

really being put to the test, 

I found that I had to reach out and 

be really transparent with my friends about my challenges.

There is an expression in recovery groups… 

you can’t save your face and your butt at the same time… 

Something has to give… the ego wants to hold on to safety,

saving face, while holding onto the old. 

As I reached out and was vulnerable, 

it allowed others to offer their gift of support. 

A truly exceptional moment... as together, 

we weave this beautiful tapestry 

of our knowledge, wisdom and experience. 

Each one of us, with all of our treasures and tools, 

as we come together, it strengthens all of us.

It can be very challenging to be alone 

and be in a world that does not recognize what is happening …

that so much more is going on than what we see ….

things are not as they seem, 

and many are asleep and don’t even know it. 

Many may feel something is happening, 

but have no tools or information about the other realms. 

We are talking now about becoming multidimensional. 

Tapping into the Cosmic, beginning to understand 

that you are a Cosmic Being, and that everything is shifting 

and awareness is expanding.

It is very important to tune in with those who are like-minded, 

who are completely in alignment,

with their own Divine connection,

and, who help stabilize each other 

in their commitment to move forward.

To have the courage to step out of your old habits, 

trust, and step into something new that is birthing,

While we are in physical form 

we must show up for our appointments, 

go to the grocery store and take care of our bodies, 

and yet we are on a parallel path, 

navigating new dimensions of Spirit that we have never done before. 

There are many many on the Cosmic Realms who are supporting us. 

We call in this Stargate moment, anchor this energy of support, 

to move through this moment gracefully.

You may be smooth sailing, or not. 

Allow yourself to acknowledge,

that you might be having a tough time 

and then call in the support ask for help.

It opens the way and allows other the opportunity 

to assist. Ask for prayers. 

It allows others to be of service for you in a way 

that helps them as well. 

Everyone wants to help but, they don’t really know how to, 

and so this is one way to do it as we move forward.

Let’s do this together where we are compassionate, 

and patient with each other, and ourselves.

Let's offer our love and support, and most of all no judgment. 

No judgment on your self, or anyone else.

Everyone is having the experience they need to 

in order to grow as a Soul

I wish you much love! 

I have recorded a New Moon Crystalline meditation with a specific grid

to help anchor in the new energies 

as you also place intention in this first illuminated New Moon. 

I have much to share, and very much looking forward to what is unfolding.

We found a potential site to do small Crystal workshops here in the desert, 

and I will be launching Part Two of the Cosmic Wisdom, Sacred Earth teaching. 

As I have been navigating and clearing the path, 

I am being shown what the perfect timing is….

Trust is huge in this moment, 

the Universe is rearranging You, 

It is all in preparation for what is unfolding.

Focus on great Beauty and Creativity as we anchor in a new Timeline .. 

this will really begin to feel more stable by March Equinox

Stay tuned, I look forward to you joining me 

in the Crystalline grids circle that is birthing.

We will call in the support of the Elohim, Shining Ones, 

and ALL who come from the Highest Realms, 

the Galactic Command, Ascended Masters, the Crystalline Guardians … 

Many realms are gathering to assist this up-level…

Let’s do this, and consciously weave this web of Sovereignty , 

each One in joy and connection and creativity. 

Great beauty and Love. 

I love you all.


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