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Fall Equinox - Perfect Cosmic Balance

Greetings Earth Stewards and Star Travelers !!!

The moment of the Fall Equinox is upon us.

It is the time of Balance,

the Sun and the Moon in equilibrium.

This balance point opens Gateways

for Solar energies to bath us with incredible Light.

The Ancients built their temples and celebrated

these portals of alignment with Cosmic frequencies.

This year has been quite a powerful transformational journey!

Just this past summer starting with Summer Solstice,

the Lionsgate and four Supermoons,

there has been so much expansion.

Now is the time to gather all of the Jewels of your Creation

all that you manifested,

notice what worked for you and what did not.

The Fall Equinox is Harvest time,

Time to step into your Perfect Cosmic Balance

bring all the Jewels forward

and cut away the dead wood.

I have been doing Medicine Wheels for many years,

have learned from various different native traditions,

have earned the Rights to the Rites… from my Teachers,

had Initiations and Attunements that have been quite profound.

The simple concept of the Medicine Wheel.

The stone circle that marks the directions on the Earth,

The balance that comes through when you are standing in the Center,

the Medicine Wheel, the Chakana…

the energy of your feet on the ground,

standing in your Life, Centered, connecting to the Infinite,

allowing yourself to be the Rainbow Bridge

that connects Heaven And Earth….

NOW, more than ever,

the ancient teaching of the Medicine Wheel,

the Honoring of All Life in Balance,

the way Indigenous People revered the Earth, Life,

the Seasons and Cycles and the balancing of Nature,

The Shamans understood Nature and the Quantum Reality of it…

they knew how to navigate and experience other Dimensions

Through aligning with Nature they could travel,

experience and learn about Reality

in ways that we are now coming to understand.

Through the Medicine Wheel, the simplicity of it

and the complexity at the same time.

Many levels and layers are built within this teaching.

And, everything returns back to Simplicity, and Balance.

We are evolving, and remembering that there is so much more going on.

We are Re-Membering our Cosmic Self

In this moment of the Equinox, it is a Release of the Old….

The shadow and the filters

that have blocked our Connection to the Divine.

As we come into our perfect Divine Center,

which is the Medicine Wheel and starting point,

from there everything can be known..

Some will call this the Toroidal Field… Zero Point… Merkaba…

In fact, we have been left many clues by many civilizations

that have been here before that this is an incredible experience,

this planet Earth, Pachamama, Tara Madre…

What is fascinating over the last 30 years,

when I first began my search...

experiencing many different energies and people, tribes, teaching

there is a common thread …

It all comes back to You and how you stand in your Life,

walk in Balance, and Honor all of the Elements,

Be in the Physical,

as you open and tune into your Cosmic Self.

As we reach certain frequencies

and are encoded with new Cosmic Light,

we are remembering and activating

our DNA to birth again, something new.

I have included here a meditation here for the Equinox…

you can do anytime when you are in need of Balance

I will share that I AM so Honored!!!

I have been invited to bring three different Ceremonies

to Co-Create with Beautiful Souls

in a Retreat in Sedona in November .

The KINRGY Retreat with Jullienne Hough - Nov 1st - 6th

An exploration in Conscious Dance and Movement

through the Elements, Healing and so much more!!

I am excited to share Fire Ceremony, a Medicine and Wheel,

and the making of Power Wands

through the connection to the elements…

this is an exciting moment as we create together the New World…

If you are interested go to the webpage…

I would love to have you there with us…

And if you are needing support in this tremendous shifting time,

I am always available for remote sessions,

no matter where you are, you can get support.

just contact me and we’ll find a time to connect…

I look forward to more… and will be locking in some dates soon

for Retreat experiences that I hope you will join in with us…

In the meantime, notice what is going on for you

As we step into the season of balance… as I often say…

bring forward all of the jewels, the gifts that you have in your life…

and cut away the deadwood.

Those are the seeds that you can plant for the next creation….

I look forward to connecting with you through ceremony,

through sessions, in whatever way we meet!

With tremendous love and gratitude

for your Presence, Here,

may you Know that you are a Master…

to assist the Awakening

and that the Awakening…

the Expansion is upon us,

in greater, deeper and

more profound Illuminated ways!

Keep Going!!! You Are Amazing!

Much love and many blessings


~ Mari

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