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Spring Equinox Meditation - March 19, 2024 - Crystalline Dragon Creation Codes

Updated: Mar 19

Namaste everyone!

What a powerful time we are in!! 

Spring Equinox is the gateway of Balance…

it is the Sun and Moon coming into equilibrium,

a Unification in this extraordinary moment of Rebirth.


We are in the culmination of a 13 moon cycle, 

and a deep purging that started around the Winter Solstice Gateway, 

the alignment with the Galactic Core.

New Cosmic Codes and energies are pouring in to prepare for this moment.

This Equinox is a springboard for new Creation energies coming forward.

When I was in Sedona last November, 

I received transmissions of pure frequencies,

Creation Codes came through in the form of the Crystalline Dragons …

My whole nervous system was rearranged and upgraded.

I have been working with this Creation energy for over a year

on the deep inner realms in preparation for this moment.

This has been a deepening and a preparing of pathways

for clearer communication as part of the teaching that is coming forward.

The Crystalline Dragons, Creation Codes, the Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings,

and all who are part of the second section of the teaching

connected to Cosmic Wisdom Sacred Earth cards. 

  I AM a Crystal Master and more is being revealed through the Crystals.

I have been working more with Crystalline Grids and bringing forth that information,

Creating, Holding and Grounding the Holographic fields of New Creation

through Crystal Grids, with the intention to stabilize this energy on the Earth. 

 In preparation, the last four months have been a deep purging 

 and deep inner recalibration for me, starting in November 2023 … 

 the Death and Transformation of an Old way of Being in order to make room for this gateway of Creation Codes that are coming in.

I am excited by all the synchronicity and events

that have brought me to this moment, 

And yet, it has been very painful to let go. 

Attachment to habit…death of so much...

The releasing of a beloved pet, a beloved Mentor,

old memories and energies that brought me to a depth of grief …

I never could have imagined …

I had to let go of all media, and simply be..

as deep inner transformation was happening. 

Thankfully, having cleared all of that,

a new Vision, Birth, New Doors are opening for New Timelines,

and various opportunities and potentials for Creativity and Connection.

This is the moment for a deeper communion with the Divine,

the realm of the Ascended Masters, the Elohim

and the various Star Families that have been coming forward.

Time to let go… and ride the waves of transformation,

that the creation energy of the Crystalline Dragon brings in!

That which is no longer working,

the old energy templates and paradigms are falling away.

 this is why I included this meditation to assist and support your journey.. 

I am happy to say that I am co-creating

with the beautiful Veronica Yazigi and Jennifer Smith,

the Founders and Creators of "Meet the Light" Podcast

We will be broadcasting a live stream Creation Code Meditation,

on Wednesday, March 20th at 11:11am: Live Meet the Light Meditation with Mari

as we gather momentum in this Rebirth moment…

Stay tuned for more as the energies begin to expand..

Remember to breathe and BE in the moment, NOW!!

In balance.. Celebrate that We Are Here.

This is what we’ve been waiting for. 

Thank you to those who have reached out… 

I so appreciate that you received these messages

and track with me, no matter where on the globe you are!!

Thank you, for your love and donations,

it is greatly appreciated

Till we meet in person again,

I honor you deeply as we navigate

this moment 

Much Love and Peace


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