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Namaste beloveds!

In the energy of this Stargate, in this moment Now,

I was inspired to bring forth a meditation for you to tap into the energies of this Star Portal of Sirius, to open and allow yourself to receive the Frequencies and Codes, and anchor them fully through your body.

We are in the moment of the Lions Gate, 8th of August, the alignment of the bright Star of Sirius with our Sun.

This creates a portal to allow for abundant fertile energies to flow in to the Earth plane!

Essentially, this is an Ascension Energy, it is a frequency support for our journey IF we are aware. And! it delivers new Light Codes for humanity, as we are building a New Earth.


We can align with this energy and open to the Sacred Codes and Geometries that are flowing in from the larger Cosmic Realms.

This is the moment to celebrate and create something entirely new!

This moment offers us the opportunity to complete old life paths,

let old timelines, old realities, and old patterns dissolve.

To create space for something entirely new.

It is an opportunity where the veils between the realms are very thin, making it easier to shift and traverse timelines during this window!

For myself, during the last six months, between creating, and offering my first class with the Cosmic Wisdom Sacred Earth, and stepping into an Advanced Healing Mastery training for myself,

I have gone deep, deep inside to clear yet another level of ancestral, trauma, wounding, and imprints.

Always, as we move into higher frequencies, we have to go deep into the unconscious, subconscious to clear whatever is surfacing, as WE HEAL OURSELVES, WE HEAL THE WORLD.

My apologies for going silent, not posting as much on Instagram, or posting newsletters. For me, all has been rearranging as the old falls away.

The opportunities and possibilities are before us, and, indeed, are unfolding, and emerging in perfect timing with this alignment of the Lions Gate.

In this moment, things are picking up! I just received a confirmation that I will be co-creating with a bigger group in November in Sedona.

Co-creating movement through the Elements and the Shamanic Ceremony of Fire, Creation and Power!

I will be sending out information about that very very soon as things begin to come together, and I would love for you to join me in Sedona in the co-creative retreat experience.

I promise I will send you more information very very soon as we get rolling!

Collaboration and Co-Creation is coming forward.

How will you create? Do you honor yourself enough?

To be able to witness the people around you and the gifts they bring and know that the gifts you bring are appropriate for the CoCreation in this moment.

Each has their gift to offer, it is the time where we collaborate

in absolute honor and respect, for SELF and, RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER!!!

Let's create something even more marvelous and exciting!

Enjoy this moment, stay focused on the Creation, Honor your Beingness.

Much Love and Peace,


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