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Remembering Your Self Meditation - July 10, 2021

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Sun Salutations Beautiful Ones!!

We have entered a most powerful portal this summer!

This period of June, July, August is a most potent creation, manifestation moment.

It is most important to stay very present and clear and watch your thoughts, words and energy.

This moment matters. If you are reading this,

most likely you know that ALL are needed to hold the light right now.

Now is the time to Remember your Self.

You came to assist the evolution and expansion.

To raise the consciousness of the planet and consciously co-create

with the Divine for the upliftment of humanity.

What are you magnifying in your life?

Your thoughts? Your emotions, your words?

Creativity, creating, creation, where your thoughts go, energy flows….

Notice yourself, notice your thoughts, become aware of your words.

Would you wish that on someone you cherish?

Why would you limit yourself? Notice.

Reach for better feeling thoughts…creation energy, I AM…

I Am healthy, I Am Healing, I Am looking forward to greater clarity,

I Am Abundant, I Am Changing, I Am in the Flow,

I Am opening to greater things, I AM lightening up,

I Am Grateful, I AM Enough, I AM Celebrating, I AM Blessed…..

Tune in to the meditation this month, contribute to the dream,

with clear vision and stay elevated, connected, grateful.

Click on meditation link below:

Gratitude goes a long way and is a powerful energy to shift anything!

Know that you are surrounded with Light and Beings who are ready to assist if you just ask.

Much Love,



~ Mari

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The sound of your voice gives me such comfort and hope. Thank you

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