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New Crystalline Moon in Aquarius - January 21, 2023

Namaste, beloveds, Happy New Year!!

With mercury retrograde ushering in the New Year of 2023, it has been a moment, to reflect and release any last energies lingering before we move forward.

Moving past the powerful energy of the first full moon of January 6th,

we are entering the New Moon on January 21.

This is the perfect time, perfect window for setting intentions.

It is also the Chinese Lunar New Year which welcomes in the spiritual, abundant Water Rabbit !!!

The energy of this Crystalline New Moon, moving into Aquarius, is a powerful theme,

an opportunity for a collaboration and co-creation.

This is an opportunity to unite a dance between the head, and the heart, the Moon and the rational mind of Aquarius.

Aquarius points the way to thinking on a global scale, collectively, focus on healing for the planet, unity, and holding a vision of the

New Earth.

It is making decisions, not just from the head, but aligned through the heart as well.

Aquarius is all about the highest good for all Beings, everyone and everything.

This year, is a seven in Ascended Numerology,

It is the focus on vision, the third eye, your vision for your life.

It is about personal Mastery, to remember Who You Are… and Claim it!!

Focus, vision, centeredness, health, staying grounded,

taking care of your body, reaching for the stars and receiving the plasmic information codes

that are streaming in through tremendous light at this moment!