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"Open to Joy!" - July 2022

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Namaste Everyone! Happy Summer!

Are you finding Joy?

Can you connect to the true energy of your Heart?

Consider, that you came here to experience life in the physical world,

to appreciate the beauty of Creation,

to celebrate the gift of Life?

Do these words trigger up something else for you?

I recently returned from a trip to the Mayan Temples in the Yucatan,

where a group of women came together and co-created

an experience of connecting in Joy and co-operation as sisters

without jealousy, fear, comparing, competition, or judgement!

What an opportunity to create a new way of Being with each other!

It was pure Joy and connection even though some aspects of the journey were challenging.

A recognition and reminder of how it can be.

This month of July, my birth month, brings up many emotions.

Now, I can celebrate and appreciate EVERYTHING around me!

This was not always the case as I had birth trauma that imprinted me for the first part of my life.

Everything was hard and life was a struggle. This is what I came here to overcome.

The density 3D energy of fear, anger, lack, depression, limitation, control,

is now calling us into awareness. Time to lift into higher frequencies,

transmute and create something new.

You may know that we carry trauma imprints from our family and prior generations.

We can now let go of the past, forgive and clear so many trauma imprints easier that before.

It is time to create something new.

Open to Joy!

I talk a lot about creation energy, I love it and want more of it!

In fact, when you are in creation you are expanding,

when you are in stress, you are contracting, survival, staying the same.

Opening to Joy! Yes! I want more of that!

Create a new habit! Appreciation and Gratitude for everything!

Joy is the energy of creation for me.

As an artist, I am in the pure stream of creation when I am painting.

Summer for me is always the celebration of the joy of life,

the lushness of the ocean, the beauty of all creation,

appreciation and gratitude of the Solstice, of the summer season,

and life, luscious bountiful beautiful life experience.

Great beauty coming forward from the experience of this season.

Now I can appreciate this, thankfully,

even when I am challenged to open to something new that is emerging.

For those that find this earth walk painful, I deeply understand,

as I have come to heal limiting patterns and beliefs that held me back.

Confusion, fear and darkness were my companions -

not understanding how this realm works, and feeling very lost and alone.

Now through much healing and experiencing joy from deep within,

I have come to understand that

Love, Creation and Beauty is my birthright.

How I am focusing and where I am focusing is the marker.

Paying attention to what unfolds in my life

and how I am evolving, and what needs adjusting.

This moment of great beauty and light comes forward

because I can now see the Truth around me,

I am a Creator, as you are, we are Creator Beings!

The Creation energy is a code deep within your Soul,

and it is marvelous, expansive, great beauty, wonder, light!

In this energy I am uplifted, it is feeding for the Soul indeed!

I am reminded again and again to tap into the Joy of Who I AM!

After much time I have been able to heal, to release, to forgive,

and to step in to that radiant light that I AM.

Always, the reminder of simple things around me, the beauty of creation,

a beautiful flower, a sunrise, the laughter of a child.

To see through the lens of appreciation for all that is around me.

To never compare, but recognize that I have been given the codes to my own Joy,

as you also have that, which may be different for you.

As we create we are lifting our vibration to connect

and co-create with each other a new world.

Where is your joy? Can you remember?

Practice Joy!

Again, does this trigger you?

Are you navigating something that is less than joy?

I am free from that which kept me shrouded in darkness for so long.

I am free, you also can be free.

Take the time you need, find the support and help.

Reach out to me or someone who you resonate with.

The time is now, we are in a most incredible moment of transformation!

Know that Joy is your birthright because you are a Creative Being.

May this month inspire you to find simple beauty,

simple appreciation, joy and curiosity.

May it open the door that feeds your soul

in a way that uplifts, restores and elevates you.

This is my prayer for you and the world, as we elevate,

expand, transmute and create,

a new way of Being.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Sonqoy Pimanta - Quecha- (from the heart )

I love you all

~ Mari

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