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Cosmic New Year Alignment: The Lions Gate 2019

Cosmic Transmission Free Conference call… 

Cosmic New Year Alignment


August 8, 2019

Join us as we step into the Galactic Alignment of the Lions Gate, celebrated in Ancient Egypt as a powerful portal of Cosmic energy. 

The alignment of the Star Sirius at this time was known to the ancients as the beginning of the Cosmic New Year. 

The Lions Gate was observed as a time to prepare for new cycles of creativity and abundance.

Opening to this energy allows us to remember ancient wisdom and healing.

These openings are helping us to create something new from an Ascended perspective.

During this time , we can step in and activate ancient memories of why we are here. 

The creation of a new paradigm of consciousness, a new Earth, is important for all of us. 

As we gather, we will together open and celebrate this alignment 

as we step by step move into greater levels of expansion and creativity.

 Join us for this powerful Gateway transmission and energize your life.

 If you cannot be present, you will receive a recording so that you can tune in to the energy.

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