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Cosmic Codes Meditation - August Full Moon 2022 - Lions Gate

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Greetings in the energy of the Full moon of August and the

Lionsgate of 8-8…!!!

What an incredible powerful time to be on the planet!

We are still in this gateway of the portal of the 8-8 Lionsgate

as we approach the Full Moon.

This week started with a powerful magnification

of energy flowing onto the planet.

Many people around the world were aware of this unique opportunity

to be present , focused and open to receive the Cosmic Codes.

Guided to focus the energy consciously for the Highest Good of All -

many around the world held the vision for New Ways of Being.

This paved the way to manifest new templates for life here on this planet.

As we raise our frequencies,

and focus consciously on this magnified energy coming through this portal,

we have the opportunity to birth in this purified container

incredible manifestations.

Cosmic Codes - pure energy of magnified Creation.

This is a unique alignment of the Sun with the Star Sirius -

the portal through which all energy flows into this realm,

and the Full Moon amplification, powerful indeed!

In the ancient culture of Egypt, this was a birthing energy,

a celebration of a new opportunity to celebrate abundance,

flow, life force in all its glory.

As we release the old, moving forward into new,

receiving these creation codes flowing onto the planet,

focus, awareness and presence are needed!

What is your highest vision? What do you choose?

Even in the last few days, many people

are delighted and surprised at the instantaneous manifestation.

As if something big shifted and things are moving forward easily.

Yes, absolutely!

This is a powerful energy.

In the last few months we have been

in an incredible cleansing, crucible energy.

A crucible is commonly known as a container that you use

for smelting precious metals - gold or silver.

Using very high heat, everything melts down and all of the dross,

the impurities come to the surface.

Everything is being revealed now,

and it is an opportunity to release the old, that which no longer works.

Notice what triggers you, what you are reacting to emotionally,

what causes fear or anxiety.

As all of this has come forward, we have experienced something

that in the Shamanic cultures would be termed a Shamanic death -

A taking down of old structures, a dismemberment,

A revealing of shadow energy coming to the surface to be cleared,

an energy of old structures that no longer work.

Everything that creates stress and tension

personally, or collectively needs to be cleared in order to create something new.


I have included a August Full Moon Meditation to support you

in holding your focus and vision for what you would like to create.

In addition to the balance energy that is needed,

single point focus, balance of the heart, and

an Attunement to the highest frequencies,

this meditation will assist in helping you to focus

your attention on what you want to create.

You are powerful, and this is the time that we have been waiting for.

You are needed and important!

As you hold your active presence, love, vision

and gratitude for everything in your life,

that has brought you to this moment,

Receive, Receive, Receive.

Open to the energy pouring in!

It is the time of Mastery,

you are a Master or you would not be here.

Have a wonderful month and we will see what unfolds

as we approach the Fall Equinox.

Much love and many blessings,

~ Mari

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