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Winter Solstice Meditation

Hello Star Family!

Many Solstice Greetings!

What a powerful time!

For me, the Solstice has always been the true energy of the holidays.

Under the star studded night sky, Orion is prominent,

there is a sense of mystery and magic,

it is the longest night, and was traditionally observed

as the birthing of the Light.

Of course the New Moon following right after is an opportunity,

to reflect, to vision,

to plant seeds and anchor in your dreams.

Let us prepare in this moment to step in through that portal,

and vision for ourselves a new future.,

As we culminate this year,

take the opportunity to go deep within.

Bring forth the jewels, seeds, creations,

all that you would like to plant at this time,

to prepare for what is birthing.

This moment of the Winter Solstice and New Moon,

is the opportunity for harnessing Creation energy.

Think of it as a beautiful container to birth

and also receive the energy of your dreams.

As you move forward with your dreams,

be sure to create and imagine your most magnificent future.

Collectively we are on the verge of such incredible change.

We are literally birthing a New Age,

we are in the beginning of a 26,000 year cycle!

The enormity of what we are doing

and what is before us,

is probably missed by most.