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Summer Solstice 2020 - Part 1

Coming up Summer Solstice... Sat June 2020... please join us for a ceremony to celebrate... step into the circle wherever you are, we will send a video... you can connect to the energy. Look for second newsletter this Friday for the video link. can tune in and add to the momentum

for Life, Love and Uplifting - for Expanded Consciousness and Beauty Magnified! What are you Dreaming? Step into the circle and connect with us. See you there!

Namaste BeautyWalkers!
Here we are at the midpoint of 2020, Summer Solstice and what a powerful time it is! Celebrate! Solstice traditionally is the time of magnified Gratitude, observed and honored for all the gifts and bounty in our lives. In the Southern Hemisphere it is a time for birth and new beginnings. In the North it is a celebration of the peak of Life Force energy, when the Sun is closest to the Earth. It is the growing season and a powerful time to magnify and radiate LOVE and GRATITUDE. In Indigenous cultures it is a good reason to have a huge party to celebrate our magnificent home, the Pachamama - Mother Gaia - Earth.
Creation is underway! Powerful transmissions from the Galactic Core are showering the planet to assist our expansion, we can catch the wave! Step into the momentum of this gift that is coming forward to assist this birthing process. It is said that we all signed up for this moment to be here, to assist the planetary expansion. When we step forward with awareness, open to possibilities and focus our vision on a more enlightened consciousness, powerful shifts begin to happen. WE CAN birth a new Earth. It all begins with you. Every one has the power to do something. It is time to release the old paradigms and belief systems of, "Who has the biggest stick - Power Over “ vs connecting to "Love… the Power Within” 
The planetary thought body or group mind is reflecting old systems and belief systems that must dissolve in order to create new. What is surfacing now is the reflection of what we have allowed or ignored. 
Regardless of how you view all of what is happening, truly, we have the opportunity to come together and combine our talents and gifts in a collective vision to create something better. You have the power!
It is important that we lift our vision to create from a higher state of consciousness. The pathway now is to focus on what would serve the highest good for all. To be inspired, to build and create and magnify our collective LOVE, in itself is a force.
Imagine for a moment, people all over the world, holding a vision of peace , prosperity, unconditional love, and most importantly, Gratitude. Gratitude is a powerful, expansive frequency. And, focusing on gratitude and magnifying it, is an action step!
Coming together with other like-minded beings is a collaborative effort that serves all. Ceremony is a way to bring forward your heart to connect to the collective for change. In ceremony we create a container to hold and magnify Abundance, Healing and Light. We are celebrating this Solstice and hope you will join us. 
There will be a special link , if you would like to link up and join in energetically. A crystal grid will be energized and powered up to radiate positive, uplifting celebration for this moment.
Watch for the next email...Summer Solstice Part 2.
If you are interested, there will be more information and details about the crystals and crystal grids, and why they hold an important place in our cycle of change.
A powerful time. With all my heart, sending much Love and peace,Vision and Clarity, Love and Light, See you soon, Many Blessings
~ Mari ~
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