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Summer Solstice 2020 - Part 2

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Announcing a Summer Solstice Ceremony on….
June 20,2020 
A special Crystal Grid has been created and is being bathed in powerful celestial energies for this moment! More info below… join us and celebrate!

Namaste BeautyWalkers!
Have you ever been drawn to Crystals and wonder what that is about? Maybe you collect them and don’t even know why. Or perhaps you think that crystals are just another out there wu-wu thing that the meta-physical people use for healing. Or you are a crystal master and are already working with crystals.
Did you know that your body is Crystalline? In fact, many of your cells are in the same shape as crystalline structures at a molecular level.
We resonate with crystals because they are a part of our environment. Crystals interlace the Earth in a huge network of crystalline veins that hold a particular frequency and harmony for balance. Ancient people were in harmony with nature, they knew much more about energy, crystals, the elements, and power spots on the Earth. They were much more attuned to their environment and found special areas that held healing energy and power. Many temples around the Earth are actually built on these power spots.
Much wisdom has been passed down through the ages containing ways to utilize crystals for the benefit of wellbeing.
We have actually entered a crystalline age. Much of our information age is made possible because of quartz technology. If you look around your world, you will find crystals everywhere, but not where you think. Your computer, camera, watch, and many other items are all crystalline.
Crystals are what they call piezoelectric, which means they can hold information. We live in an information age! Technology would not be what it is today without it. So what does it all mean? 
Vibration! The ability to amplify, hold and stabilize energy fields for balance, healing and health. That is what a crystal grid does. You can’t see energy, but you may feel it. Think about a crystalline template that holds a particular vibration? Imagine a holographic field of energy anchored to stabilize a field of intention. 
To energize, and amp up a gathering with the highest intention and frequency is easier when using a crystal grid. Remember, crystals store information. Many masters have walked the Earth with the knowledge of the power of crystals. They tuned in and learned much from their connection to the natural elements.
A crystal grid has been created to uplift and empower your intentions for this Summer Solstice. 
I have worked with and created many sacred altars using crystals of all shapes and sizes. They amplify and interact with your molecular structure to facilitate change, harmony and balance. Maybe you will be inspired to create your own grids for balance.
On this Solstice, there is an opportunity to access powerful energy for change. It is said that a tremendous wave of compassion will bath the planet during this time. In this ceremony, we will step into a portal of power that will assist you and everyone who tunes in, to level up their frequency to help stabilize what we are birthing. The energy spans the entire weekend, so tune in when you can or feel it is right for you. We are all connected in the quantum time of NOW. It will be perfect.

This is an incredible time of consciousness expanding. 

  Let’s focus our intentions to create from a higher level of awareness -

 To open doors and assist in the highest possible way, a shift that will serve the expansion into Oneness, 

 Wholeness, Harmony, Health, Compassion, Gratitude and Love.

I look forward to connecting with you, stepping into the circle and amplifying a collective wave of healing Light. 

 Many Blessings on this Solstice Summer 2020!

~ Mari ~

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