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Full Moon Fall Equinox September 2022 - Divine Mirror, Judgement and Beauty

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Namaste beloved ones,

We are in a time of great change, upheaval, review, retrograde, release.

Happy Full Moon moment.

Here is a Dream Chamber meditation for the Full Moon and Equinox:

The energy of the Fall Equinox and this particular moment in time,

is powerful for transformation.

This has been a powerful year already and is building, building, building into a culmination experience of great change.

Fall Equinox traditionally has been a celebration of balance, and an opportunity to look at the past year's growth. Like a fall harvest, what crops did you plant that yielded growth?

What did not work, and what clearly needs to be released?

For some, letting go is really hard.

Clinging to safety, and what is known is the way it has been done for many eons of time.

Consider this - the idea that the earth was flat was a level of consciousness

that was held onto, and when challenged, was thought to be blasphemous.

When Galileo brought up the idea that the earth was round,

and that there were other planets out there, he was disregarded as crazy.

Whether he took Shamanic flight, or had a dream, or a vision,

he knew that there was more.

We are in that moment now,


The new earth is emerging whether we like it or not.

It is up to us to assist or resist. You can stay where you are and continue

the experience that you are in, All are having the experience that they need in order to grow.

Or, you can grab the opportunity to up-level.

We are transforming and transmuting the old,

to create a new world, from a much higher frequency.

How then do we do that?

Elevated consciousness!

Each person doing their own inner work contributes to the whole.

Through self reflection, prayer and meditation, and really looking at yourself, noticing what is coming up for you, and what is being triggered.

Examining the idea of releasing, and attachment, and clinging to the past.

If we do not let go of the past, we create the same future!

In this Mercury Retrograde moment, we have the opportunity to look at the things we desperately cling to for safety.

Consider this, that which keeps us comfortable in the known,

may actually hold us back.

Are you living in the habit of the habit simply because it's familiar?

Or are you jumping into the opportunity to expand, transform,

and lift into greater levels of consciousness that is available here, now?

In the last few years we have been in a global cycle of consciousness expansion. Great joy, creativity, and innovation have been the result of this upheaval!

Also, the resistance that has come forward

in the form of fear and anger has been monumental as well.

On a collective level we can see the old paradigms that struggle to hold power. Through the forms of traditional government, medical models,

society structure and war, massive control mechanisms,

all seek to suppress freedom, speech, creativity, and sovereignty.

Separation is at an all-time high, the polarity of us versus them,

has been greater than ever before.

To be aware, and conscious, and witnessing all of it from the highest perspective possible, and then to transcend all of it with compassion.

The knowing that all are playing their part to assist the awareness and expansion of what works and what no longer works.

It is a great mirror of consciousness reflecting back to us.

A Divine Mirror...

If we are to come into Oneness, truly then, it is as the Mayan expression:

In Lak' ech, Ala K'in ,

I Am You, You are Me,

I Am another One of You, we are One.

Consider for a moment the energy of judgment,

and how damaging judgment is. Judgment is something that is right or wrong according to how we view something, from our own perspective and conditioning.

What if you are coming from a place of a very old consciousness?

What if you are wrong? Completely off target?

What if it is the way you have thought of something for so long that you can't see anything different?

Does your judgment create separation as the way to protect yourself?

This could be coming from an old wound, programming, fear or patterning.

It can even be imprinting from past generations!

Think about it! Do you want to carry an old energy that is no longer relevant simply because it's the way you've always done it?

Can you look in the mirror, and truly put down blame, anger, fear, pointing fingers, judgment, your dogmatic overlay?

We are all going through this in this moment.

Are you aware and willing to truly see the mirror before you?

It can come in the form of another person or organization that causes a reaction or triggers you in some way.

Can you recognize that you may be afraid or have some deep unconscious wounding that is holding you back?

This mirror reflects everything that is before us. Whether it is beautiful, or profane, or horrifying. We are all of it!

To notice and forgive and then release, as the saying from the recovery programs, Uncover, discover, discard.

To truly let go of yesterday and ALL of the old ideas that anchor us into a past, can you let go of a quickly crumbling old paradigm.

Like going through old closets and cupboards to clean out,

or weed out the garden to make room for new growth.

It is a time to celebrate!

Expand your joy and look around at what is good in your life!

NOW! is the time to collect all of the jewels

that have come forward from this harvest moment,

of all of the creativity of this year.

Now is the time to celebrate your growth,

And keep going!

What has come forward as a result

of this year of unfolding, emerging, up leveling?

Take time to celebrate your victories,

to notice the simple things that create joy in your life,

and as always to practice gratitude and humility,

for all of the gifts that you have in your life!

Everything has brought you to this particular moment, witness the beauty around you, and recognize that the beauty is you!

Love yourself and keep going!

Much love,

~ Mari

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