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Full Moon Fall Equinox September 2022 - Divine Mirror, Judgement and Beauty

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Namaste beloved ones,

We are in a time of great change, upheaval, review, retrograde, release.

Happy Full Moon moment.

Here is a Dream Chamber meditation for the Full Moon and Equinox:

The energy of the Fall Equinox and this particular moment in time,

is powerful for transformation.

This has been a powerful year already and is building, building, building into a culmination experience of great change.

Fall Equinox traditionally has been a celebration of balance, and an opportunity to look at the past year's growth. Like a fall harvest, what crops did you plant that yielded growth?

What did not work, and what clearly needs to be released?

For some, letting go is really hard.

Clinging to safety, and what is known is the way it has been done for many eons of time.

Consider this - the idea that the earth was flat was a level of consciousness

that was held onto, and when challenged, was thought to be blasphemous.

When Galileo brought up the idea that the earth was round,

and that there were other planets out there, he was disregarded as crazy.