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Magnified Creation & Ascension Energy Meditation - September 6, 2021

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Namaste everyone!

Happy September, can you believe it, already!?

What a powerful month is emerging!

The energy has been building all summer and as we enter September, it is magnified Creation and Ascension energy.

You may know, if you have been following the newsletter, or just finding this now,

that the March Equinox 2021 was a powerful opening of a portal that magnified the rainbow bridge of connection.

For 30 years I have been holding ceremony and honoring

Solstice and Equinox Ceremonies to help assist in the ascension of the earth.

Many of you have helped me anchor in these beautiful ceremonies, and I couldn’t have done it without you.

Also, as I started working with crystals, I began creating grids.

In my personal reflection time as I sit quietly and listen, I am inspired and shown a Crystalline grid

that will amplify the ceremony during that particular moment to assist the powerful openings at the solstice or equinox.

This past spring equinox we intentionally created a connection with TOSA Blue Mountain in Ecuador. We did a despacho ceremony here in the USA to hold open the portal for creation, connection and healing.

It has been said for years by many elders that we have all been preparing and opening portals

along the spine of the earth to support the new spiritual centers opening and anchoring in South America. In early 2000 I was invited to participate in a project called the Inca Staff fire ceremonies, that acted like acupuncture in specific areas of the mountains to open up the energy along the spine of the Andes, to help facilitate movement of this energy into South America.

It continues as all is unfolding now.

The anchoring of spring equinox to this fall equinox will be a powerful transmission.

My friend Patty Markham Peterson invited me to join her on her

on Wednesday, September 22 to speak about this fall equinox.

During this radio show we will facilitate a special transmission , a high frequency meditation

to help anchor in and hold open the portal of the rainbow bridge between North and South America.

Stay tuned and join us, connect with me on Instagram - MariMendozahealingarts - for a way to connect in that day. Join us because together we magnify, and together we are better!

In the meantime, this new moon is a powerful opportunity to rebirth a dream you may have put aside. Take simple steps to bring forward and finally anchor in your dream.

This month a simple meditation practice is provided for you to focus.

The more you hold this focus, the more you lay in the foundation of what you would like to create.

And the more you hold this focus, the more you lay in the creation for moving forward.

Utilize this moment and magnify this energy for manifestation.

The image of the Ascension Merkaba I created carries the energy of Six.

In Ascended Numerology September is a 6.

It happens to be my Soul Code and is a portal to the Higher Cosmic realms.

It is the energy of rebirth, ignition, and holds open the ascension spiral into the Cosmos.

I am happy to say that my focus has come to fruition,

in that I am in the final proofing stages of my quantum healing deck, Cosmic Wisdom - Sacred Earth!

I am also building a store, where the paintings can be purchased, as many of you have asked me about this.

It is a powerful , exciting time!

You can find more information about Ascended Numerology on my website if you are interested in what that means.

The store will be posted soon as well.

In the meantime, let’s come together and create a most amazing dream,

magnifying instantaneous manifestation, harmony, healing, balance, beauty, respect, compassion and joy! Let’s do this!

With All my Love,

So grateful


Click on the video below to listen to the meditation:

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