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New Moon Meditation - October 2021 - Anchoring Light!

Anchoring Light! New Moon of October! Namaste beloveds! Here we are in October and the energy is already in motion!

This month the energies are going to feel like a rocket blast off!

Celebrate! Celebrate the creation! We are in a moment of choice. Stay really present in the moment and focus, your choices matter.

Choose very carefully what you give your energy to.

We are in a massive upgrade of Ascension energies, as I have said before, we are becoming our pure light bodies. So much more is happening than we can really wrap our minds around, because we have never been here before. Literally, we are in such an expansion of multi-dimensional presence that it is creating splits in awareness.

There are many timelines converging and available, many choices, now is the opportunity to hold the intention and focus on the highest good.

Do you really want to repeat the past, whatever your issues are?

In this creation energy, what are you holding your focus on?

Do you have a vision for your life, but are not there yet?

We all want the same things, the basics provided for, health, peace, clean water, happy abundant family and friends, prosperous, creative, joyful lives.

The evidence in the 3D density realm is the opposite, much chaos and trauma.

Now is the time to really understand that we are building a new Earth.

The old structures are falling away, let go of how it used to be and move forward with the expansion.


If you heal it, it will affect the collective.

Know that as you notice what is triggering, you can respond instead of react, choose the higher road, lift into your Divine connection and flow with the creation energies. Recently my mentor Sri Ram Kaa said “ Expansion requires trust, trust in ourselves, trust in the Universe."

Trust is the solvent for expansion, and without trust, what you are dealing with is doubt and fear.

That is just a placeholder that keeps you spinning around and around in that drama until you notice, then when you relax and breathe, trust. We practice relaxing the grip on the linear.”

There is an expression I am reminded of,...Let go or be dragged!!!

Clinging to the old will keep you stuck. As you notice, breathe into it and DECIDE, make a CHOICE to do something different.

New creation involves moving into the unknown and listening deeply.

Connect to your inner Self and listen to what you are guided to do.

Practice silence and take very good care of yourself.

Our nervous systems have been systematically upgraded for years now.

Know that you are in the perfect place to, BE…HERE…NOW…PRESENT.

The middle path has never been more important, focus on the highest good for the service of all.

That can simply be, radiate from your heart gratitude, vision of prosperity, health, focus, creativity, play, music, art, joy!

Expand that and see how you feel. What you focus on expands!!!

Refresh often and maintain focus on the highest vision.

Know that as you create you magnify that out into your world.

If we all were holding the highest vision for humanity, we would quickly move into the emerging Golden age. It is here! Not coming,

Celebrate the expansion! Join in the meditation whenever and wherever you are.

Know that you step into a timeline that is anchoring with every breath the TRUTH of YOU as a DIVINE BEING creating peace and prosperity for all.

Have a great month!

Munay, Yachay, Yuyay, Hunui, Pachamama! - Sonqoypi Manta ( May Love, Light, Wisdom be united on the Earth - From the Heart)

Much Love,


Listen to my meditation:

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