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Color Cleansing Meditation - November 4, 2021

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Namaste beloved‘s, happy November! Wow!

Here we are almost culminating 2021. Entering November, we begin thinking of the holidays approaching and the New Year.

November is usually a reminder in this hemisphere about Thanksgiving and the opportunity to remember gratitude.

Gratitude is a simple but profound practice to really tune in and appreciate your life.

This is a moment of choice.

November began with massive solar flare activity, which of course is an infusion of light bathing the planet.

This energy infusion interrupts and up-levels the frequency of the earth and the electromagnetic fields of your body. You may be aware of it or not. What this does is shake things up!

What surfaces may be old energy, density, lower vibrational frequencies and emotional baggage.

The higher frequencies bathing the planet, cause trigger situations, stress, anxiety, anger, fear and resistance. All that is surfacing is energy that is needing to leave.

You may feel the need to address something that triggers you.

Instead perhaps consider noticing the energy, an old belief system, fear or old emotional wound, that you keep recycling, notice how you react, and breathe.

Instead practice releasing. As we are up leveling in this moment, with tremendous cosmic energies flowing onto the planet, to be able to be in your body and stay present is a mastery moment! To receive this very high frequency creation energy, you must make room and clear the old. I have included a meditation this month, for healing all levels.

You may notice body symptoms, emotional wounds resurfacing, trigger energies, anger at the world or those about you. Consider that this is just an energy that is needing to flow out instead of be hung onto or hashed out with.

Instead allow it to flow, make a choice to do it differently, be present, allow peace.

It is said that in this moment , there is a massive awakening of souls who came here to assist the planetary evolution.

Consciousness is on the rise!

Focus and choice, how will you move forward?

Reverence, gratitude, trust, inspiration, love and compassion are all part of the formula for us to evolve and lay in a new foundation.

We can practice mastery and respond and move forward.

Most important, fill up your cup, open to receive healing, practice reverence and gratitude for this moment, and all that is around you.

The many gifts coming forward are an incredible opportunity .

Remember what you focus on expands.

You have a choice where you place your attention. Expand healing and love.

I have included a healing meditation that is a color vibration, inviting the Archangels, Elohim, and Ascended Masters from the higher frequency realms to assist us. Release and clear, make room for love and RECEIVE.

Fill your cup and be present for the miracle.

May you have a blessed month and cherish all of the gifts in your life.

Many blessings and Peace,


Listen to meditation here:

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