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Lions Gate *Remember*Codes Meditation - August 8, 2021

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Namaste beautiful beings! WOW! New Moon 8-8 Lions Gate! This day is an alignment of the Great Central Sun, our planetary Sun and the Blue Star Sirius. It is an opportunity to access the Solar Codes bathing the Earth right now. What a powerful time! As I write today in the balancing energies of the Sun/Moon/ Cancer/Leo and the planetary Galactic New Year, the energy is palpable. Many cycles and celestial moments are affecting us now. This portal of the Lion's Gate couldn’t be more auspicious, abundant, opulent, and creative. Right now many guardians and cosmic benevolent ones are supporting us. We have access through this gateway to connect with the solar codes that are pulsing forth to activate deeper states of knowing. Deep within you are codes laying dormant with cosmic knowledge. As we continue to stay the course and activate our deeper connection to that which is birthing now, all is being upgraded for this new cycle birthing. Whether you are new and just discovering this or have been around a while, this moment is an opportunity to unlock within your deepest Self ancient understanding of why you are here. Years ago when I traveled to Egypt, because of the times, we were watched carefully and told not to pray in the temples. Of course this was because our very presence would activate ancient memory and opening. We were instructed to stand against the temple walls and absorb into our spines the transmissions and frequencies that were meant to activate within us ancient knowing. I know that what I did then to activate my DNA and awaken was a preparation for now. In this time NOW I am inspired and continually get guidance that we are not alone. There is much support, all we need to do is ask. There are many portals around the earth, NASA has now confirmed this, the ancients knew of this and how to access them. They left behind codes in the sacred temples all over the Earth . These temples act as gateways to other realms. These gates are revealed as we evolve and lift our consciousness to higher frequencies. When we remember the sacredness within, we are given the access to the coding that will further our evolution. You may not be able to verbalize this but just allow and receive. Entering into star gates and portals takes preparation and we are being given that now. The frequencies bathing the Earth activates our divine memory. Many multi dimensional energies and star councils are coming forward to help assist this great shift now. We are being reminded that all lies within us, as I learned so long ago from a beautiful Master Shaman, your heart is the greatest portal, the greatest galactic gateway. In order to travel through to other realms we have to lighten our load. There is much hypnosis in the density realm of 3-D, the world, as we know it in the physical. And yet we are being reminded that we are GREAT BEINGS OF LIGHT and that we can access these portals now that are opening to upgrade our whole entire being with exquisite light . Join the meditation. You can join the meditation often to upgrade your energy field. This is a powerful alignment with the Great Central Sun, planetary Sun, Inner Sun with the Blue Star Sirius and the Royal Lions. This star coding brings through the balance of wisdom, knowledge, the frequency of great beauty and love. The benevolence of the king and queen energy, the nobility of Mastery, Wisdom Opulence. Ancient cultures recorded much of this, and we are remembering more as we access this moment now. I invite you to step into this meditation, open to RECEIVE the codes and REMEMBER WHY YOU ARE HERE. May this new moon unfold for you expansive tremendous love in the new creation that is coming forward. I love you all, many blessings


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