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Light Explosion Meditation - May 11, 2021

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Namaste Everyone,

Happy New Moon of May!

There is much expansion, I am sure you can feel it!

It is very important to slow down and be present and take very good care of yourself.

There are many lightworkers around the world who are offering help and tools to stay balanced and centered.

This month I was inspired to use a Light Explosion Protocol from the Seer Almine.

I am very connected to color and frequency being an artist, and,

I know how powerful color frequency is , combined with consciousness and intention.

I recorded a short meditation to help you focus on the colors.

Visualize and explode out the color frequencies to surround your life and loved ones.

This helps to stabilize and hold Mastery Presence in the quickly expanding changing world.

Try it and see how you feel!

Much love and light,

~ Mari

Listen to Meditation here:

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