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Crystalline Cosmic Rainbow Bridge - March 13, 2021

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

You Are a Star Being Meditation:

Namaste Beloved Community!

What an exciting time to be awake and alive on this beautiful Pachamama.

Many of you have heard me speak about the Indigenous prophecy of the Condor and Eagle

coming together for great healing - for humanity and our planet.

Now is the time! This is a unifying moment of incredible connection.

My Avesa Quantum mentors - Sri and Kira, in Ecuador at TOSA Blue Mountain -

are doing amazing things.

They have connected with the Canari Indians and are putting together a festival

to usher in the Equinox and create a bridge to the New Earth that is birthing.

That is not all. SO much is happening there.

As they were clearing the land and paths up their mountain,

they discovered an ancient temple of Light.

Up to now, it was just a legend of an ancient temple somewhere in that area.

It is literally being uncovered and preserved.

The elders have come and can read the etchings on the temple stones.

It is a Divination Temple thousands of years old!

The Canari have already begun to prepare the area for the ceremonies to come.

This truly is a powerful moment to stop and take in the energy of this Spring Equinox.

We are holding space to uplift all and create a crystalline connection

that will stabilize the next level of expansion.

I have included a new moon Spring Equinox meditation:

perfect for this moment to birth your dreams.

Remember, what you focus on expands.

Everyone can assist.

Contribute to the upliftment and step into your full power.

Be ready to radiate and strengthen the Light that you are.

Together we are better, and we need YOU!!

All spiritual warriors , please join us in the Birthing of something much better.

Unity, Joy, Creativity, Strength, Imagination, Beauty,

Healing, Reverence, Respect, Oneness, Expansion

There are several ways you can do this:

* Align yourself in your own space through meditation and focus.

* Create your own community gathering and connect into the moment.

*Join in the WWA Global activities. Check it out!

There will be much celebration! Wherever you are, join in… learn more about what is happening…the WWA Global together with the Canari Shamans are magnifying and creating a crystalline cosmic Rainbow Bridge.

The March Equinox is a birthing moment of greater harmony for the whole planet as Women, Wellness, Awakenings unites with Sacred Ceremonies and Medicines of the Andes—The Eagle and the Condor flying as One…

I look forward to the day when we are able to come together again in person and celebrate!

I appreciate your comments and the stories you share of your victories and challenges.

As we approach the Equinox, receive the grace that is coming in,

may you find greater balance and harmony in your own life.

In health, joy and sacred communion and love,

I honor your path and tenacity to continue through the greatest challenges.

Let us champion each other and hold the highest vision for ALL.

Much love,

~ Mari

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