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Summer Solstice - June 2022 - "Lead with the Soul"

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Namaste beloved!

Happy June!

Time for a summer celebration of Solstice!!

How will you honor your gifts and blessings?

I always love the ocean, it is the bringer of life,

for me it has always been where I go

to celebrate the summer season!

This month has already been very powerful,

starting with a beautiful New Moon,

leading up to a Full Moon, in preparation for the Summer Solstice.

Traditionally the ancients observed Solstice as a most holy time.

The portals and gateways aligned with the Solstice Sun

illuminated many temple sites around the world.

Planetary alignments, the Sun and Cosmic frequencies were...


This time is like no other we have EVER experienced!!

We are on such an extraordinary expansionary journey.

Many timelines and potentialities are emerging.

As we continue to hold Focus and Vision for the New Earth,

it is extremely important to take care of Self.

Our nervous systems require nutrients to upgrade,

our bodies are undergoing much change in the new frequencies.

Traditionally, Summer Solstice has always been about gratitude, expansion,

celebration of full life force, abundance, vitality, growth,

the sheer recognition of the beautiful Pachamama

and this most incredible realm that we live in.

Take time to appreciate everything!

This is a time like no other.

The energy that is emerging is an opportunity

for weaving together a vision of infinite beauty,

potential, and the dreaming of this New World that is birthing.

I am very aware as I am navigating day-to-day,

that many people across the earth are doing their own thing.

What they came to do, each one playing a part in this grand cycle.

It is a Divine dance that is unfolding before us.

This is not easy and requires persistent focus and presence to stay the course.

There is so much energy, change and transmutation, that

at this moment it’s very important to stay very centered

and take very good care of yourself.

Our nervous system needs extra care as we are upgrading.

Important to notice the blessing of being absolutely present

and practicing compassion for Self, not overloading,

and resting when needed, a lot is happening on all levels!

Continue to raise your frequency and stay in alignment with the Highest.

Upgrade requires courage,

to be uncertain and go beyond what you think you know!

Give the brain a rest...

Let The Soul Lead - Trust and Surrender!!!

Trust , surrender and love is the formula

for the highest vision, the highest potential,

for coherence and harmony on every level.

I will be traveling to sacred sites in the Yucatan for Solstice,

part of a group that will do ceremony to clear and hold the highest Vision

as we navigate the summer months.

This is a powerful time to hold balance and celebrate.

I look forward to what will unfold.

I'll keep you posted.

Keep your eyes on the Divine!

May you remember that you are an Infinite Being!

Much Love and Peace,


Join me Friday, June10th 2022 9am PST on

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