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Fall Equinox 2020: Crystalline Attunement

 Greetings Everyone! 

 Warriors of the Light! Sacred Beauty Walkers!

As I am basking in the energy of this New Moon transmission on the 17th…

so much is being revealed and so much is passing away. That is the energy of this moment, 

Fall Equinox is a balancing and also a releasing. 

Harvest is the celebration of the fruits, taking the seeds and the bounty forward, releasing the rest.

My journey this year forced me to stop and go within. My spouse passed away

unexpectedly early March and then Covid came in.

This opened up a deep journey into my Soul that I could not ignore.

Like everyone on the planet, the shock and alarm of having everything change,

in a moment, loss of health, job, freedom, future, what is going on? 

One word, Initiation. Like a pilgrimage of the deepest kind,

the Universe is conspiring to help us see where our blind spots are. 

The great Shift has been talked about for years, and now it is upon us. 

How we respond or react to it is up to us. 

Our habitual hypnosis to the old Dream of the Earth, density, 3D is over. 

Time to Lift, Ascend, Evolve.

We cannot keep going in the current direction that we are going.

Time to evolve and create a new dream. 

I remember hearing the Mayan elders say that we are living

in a nightmare we created, it’s time to change the dream!

Yes, we do have the support, this is what we came here to do. 

You are here because you signed up to help with the expansion on the planet. 

There is Cosmic Creation energy that is coming in and it is continually pulsing and assisting us to rise up,

this energy is neutral, but powerful! 

How you receive it or resist it will be your experience.

There is a saying, let go or be dragged. So pertinent to this time, as old structures and belief systems fall away, 

the ego gets triggered, fear rises up and the ensuing chaos abounds. 

Consciousness is key. Where is your focus? What you focus on gets bigger.

The outer 3D world is fighting for its life, activating hatred, separation, activism and great fear. 

Creativity is abundant with expansion, innovation, greatness, genius, beauty, connection, respect, love.

For change to happen, it will take rising up to create from a new expanded state.

What are you dreaming?

What is your vision for your future? 

Have you allowed the illusion to separate you from your Soul, the Truth of You? Have you forgotten who You are? 

Or maybe you are afraid of who You really are?

Time to go within and connect to the truth of your divine nature as a creative being, as a Soul.

Many times I have shared this, that we are evolving beyond the old story of the Earth.

The Pachamama , Mother Gaia is also evolving, we are in this together.

This is a time of culmination, completion of a great cycle, as the Archangelic have shared. 

We are expanding into our multi-dimensional capacities, on an upward Ascension path and the birthing of a new Earth.

We are moving into the 5th dimension and beyond as we lift in vibration.

Going into Unity, Oneness, and expansion will bring everything forward that is not that!

Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual shifts are noticed as so much change comes forward.

You are an Incredible, Creative, illuminated Being. 

When you tap into your core and align with the Highest Soul Self within, 

instead of the habitual small ego self, Miracles Happen!

This Equinox, take time to connect to your inner world, align in the still point within and listen.  

What have you learned this year? What expands your Joy and Light?

What gifts can you bring forward, what projects bore fruit?

Connect to that creative energy within and continue, join with like minded people on the path.

Can you be in pure Presence in the Now moment?

That is the secret, the magic key, the Now is pure potential.

For many years I have aligned with the energies of the changing seasons and many of you have attended those gatherings.

Such great memories of love, togetherness and ceremony. 

Until we can meet and gather, we can still connect in this way, where ever you are on the planet,

step into quantum time. 

Included here is a ceremony that you can connect with,

at any time as it is a transmission as well as a frequency for upliftment. 

As I navigate this time, I am so aware of the magnitude of this shift. I’m sure you feel it too.

It has called me to my Mastery and challenged me to rise up out of the dream.

I am so grateful for All, thank you for the great blessing that you have brought into my life.

Love is the answer.

Many blessings and tremendous gratitude.

I love you all,


~ Mari ~

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