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Fall Equinox 2020: Crystalline Attunement

 Greetings Everyone! 

 Warriors of the Light! Sacred Beauty Walkers!

As I am basking in the energy of this New Moon transmission on the 17th…

so much is being revealed and so much is passing away. That is the energy of this moment, 

Fall Equinox is a balancing and also a releasing. 

Harvest is the celebration of the fruits, taking the seeds and the bounty forward, releasing the rest.

My journey this year forced me to stop and go within. My spouse passed away

unexpectedly early March and then Covid came in.

This opened up a deep journey into my Soul that I could not ignore.

Like everyone on the planet, the shock and alarm of having everything change,

in a moment, loss of health, job, freedom, future, what is going on? 

One word, Initiation. Like a pilgrimage of the deepest kind,

the Universe is conspiring to help us see where our blind spots are. 

The great Shift has been talked about for years, and now it is upon us. 

How we respond or react to it is up to us. 

Our habitual hypnosis to the old Dream of the Earth, density, 3D is over. 

Time to Lift, Ascend, Evolve.

We cannot keep going in the current direction that we are going.

Time to evolve and create a new dream. 

I remember hearing the Mayan elders say that we are living

in a nightmare we created, it’s time to change the dream!