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DIVINE LOVE Meditation - February 11, 2021

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Listen to Meditation below:

Namaste Beloveds!

Happy DIVINE LOVE New Moon of February.

What a powerful month already, we have been bathed in solar radiation, cosmic energies pulsing, energy rising already, things stirring below the surface and in the cosmos. Let the focus be on LOVE this month, why not?

Let’s expand into the frequencies of higher love, coming from the highest dimensions...


In my communion with my guides and higher resources, as I travel the cosmos, I am reminded of these exquisite Beings - the Hathors - 12th dimensional and beyond who hold the most beautiful pink and golden radiance.

I have sojourned with them throughout my Earthwalk as part of my training in Sound and Vibration.

They send a message of the most exquisite gentleness and strength.

I must admit, when I first encountered them, it was difficult to be in their energy.

I had much to heal.

All that was not love surfaced to be cleared.

I have learned much from them.

They are reminding us that there is so much more than the density that currently preoccupies our attention.

The higher octaves of light are active and assisting us.

Our job is to clean up our stuff, and hold Love.

We are being guided to a much higher frequency of love.


This month the meditation is a doorway into expansion.

Let go of your idea of what LOVE means and melt into the greater ocean of love.

Call upon it and allow it to bathe you in pure frequencies.

I was prompted to share this as a way of connecting and opening to hold this light.

As we raise our frequency, we assist the Planetary Heart to expand as well.

As we heal our hearts, we heal the Heart of the Earth and radiate to the Cosmic Heart.

Everyone receives healing, upliftment, expansion.

On this new moon, and throughout this month, connect to the love that you are.

Notice beauty, celebrate each other and the preciousness of this moment.

So much more is happening

then we could possibly understand with our brains, as we try to categorize, limit, and control.

Let the Soul lead, it is after all your cosmic inheritance.

No mistake that we are being bathed in Cosmic frequencies continually.

Visit this meditation and open to new levels.

Call in your highest guides to surround and open you to more.

LOVE is powerful,

let it lift you and soar.

Be the Change.


With tremendous love and gratitude,

Happy DIVINE LOVE New Moon.

~ Mari

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