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Cosmic Wisdom, Sacred Earth - Stepping into the Wheel

REPLAY of Oneness Talk Radio Show: Cosmic Wisdom, Sacred Earth - Stepping into the Wheel:

Namaste everyone!

Wow, it’s already February, I can hardly believe it!

Returning from Ecuador after the New Year

took a lot of integration, so much happened there.

The energy of 2022 is already in such a powerful momentum of

forward movement! Can you feel it?

We are in creation energy and this is an amazing opportunity.

It takes great presence to be focused and in the moment.

The last few months brought incredible gifts, awareness

and tremendous energy transmissions. I AM integrating it all with such gratitude.

The preparation over the last few years is unfolding and so much is coming together.

I am so happy to announce that

the Cosmic Wisdom - Sacred Earth deck is finished, printed

and available, on my online store - Mari Mendoza Healing Arts Store!!!.

Mari Mendoza Healing Arts Store

Also, I am launching my new venture on Oneness Talk Radio,

you can find me the second Friday of every month at 9 AM Pacific.

The show is called Cosmic Wisdom, Sacred Earth , where I will be sharing

some of the stories I have gathered over the years.