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Cosmic Wisdom, Sacred Earth - Stepping into the Wheel

REPLAY of Oneness Talk Radio Show: Cosmic Wisdom, Sacred Earth - Stepping into the Wheel:

Namaste everyone!

Wow, it’s already February, I can hardly believe it!

Returning from Ecuador after the New Year

took a lot of integration, so much happened there.

The energy of 2022 is already in such a powerful momentum of

forward movement! Can you feel it?

We are in creation energy and this is an amazing opportunity.

It takes great presence to be focused and in the moment.

The last few months brought incredible gifts, awareness

and tremendous energy transmissions. I AM integrating it all with such gratitude.

The preparation over the last few years is unfolding and so much is coming together.

I am so happy to announce that

the Cosmic Wisdom - Sacred Earth deck is finished, printed

and available, on my online store - Mari Mendoza Healing Arts Store!!!.

Also, I am launching my new venture on Oneness Talk Radio,

you can find me the second Friday of every month at 9 AM Pacific.

The show is called Cosmic Wisdom, Sacred Earth , where I will be sharing

some of the stories I have gathered over the years.

The focus will be on the Shamanic teachings of the medicine wheel and ceremonies.

I will also share about the cosmic energies of the Avesa and the connection to my artwork,

there will be meditation, and hopefully conversation.

Now that I am back, projects are unfolding...

I will let you know about upcoming classes.

And, of course, a retreat! As things open up,

my vision is to have a retreat experience where we gather together,

hold sacred connection and communion with sacred art, crystals,

light, sound, dance, ceremony, love, meditation, visioning

and dreaming awake.

It's time for an event where we can dance awake and anchor the frequencies

for the highest level of the New Crystalline Earth.

I am very excited about this year unfolding already with so much potential.

I am continuing to hold presence for the birthing of this moment

that it is unlike anything that we have done before.

We are so loved.

There is much assistance here and support for us to go outside

the limitations that we have been mired in for so long.

As I have said before, the creation energy is flowing in

and as we hold presence and focus, we create with this neutral energy.

What an amazing time.

You may know that I traveled recently to TOSA Blue Mountain in Ecuador over the New Year and participated in a powerful up-level training called the Diamond Ray.

It was an extraordinary experience and frequency, and a gift.

What a blessing to have the opportunity to be on that sacred mountain at this time.

I received some new images that I will be putting to canvas, and I will be talking more about my experiences and other adventures that are unfolding.

One of the things that is unfolding in Ecuador at TOSA Blue Mountain for the March Equinox is a gathering of the elders, and the bringing together of ALL into One Voice.

While I won’t be there in person, we will be doing ceremony here in the desert and connecting in with them. I invite you to check it out. As the indigenous tribes come together with Intention and Vision, the old falls away and the Unity in Oneness of us ALL comes forward. It is so vital to the rising consciousness to uplift our frequency. Movement out of density and into our cosmic inheritance is the choice for this moment. It is not about leaving the planet, but instead bringing reverence and honor to the Pachamama to return balance. Indigenous people have always held ceremony for the Earth and also stayed tuned to the Stars to re-member ourselves as cosmic citizens in the Omniverse. The Chakana, Indian medicine wheel, sacred cross, is a symbol that brings the mystical energies of the cosmos and connects them here to the sacred Pachamama, the Earth. It is time to really honor ourselves, honor the elements that make up this physical world, and bring them into sacred union with our physical bodies, in divine connection with our Soul. Let’s do this together! Stay tuned for the class that will accompany the quantum healing deck Cosmic Wisdom - Sacred Earth, and other offerings to come. Join me on the radio - Oneness Talk Radio - this coming Friday at 9 AM, February 11, For now I will be doing once a month, we’ll see how that goes. So excited for this year unfolding! Much love and many blessings, peace ~ Mari

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