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Anchoring a New Vision of Crystalline Consciousness

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Namaste Everyone!

Happy New Year and New Moon!

We find ourselves in an extraordinary moment.

A new year 2021 and a New Moon.

This gateway offers us an opportunity to access very high frequencies of light.

It will support our vision, creativity, and the up leveling of our energy bodies.

I was inspired to offer a meditation to assist with this and I hope you enjoy.

As we continue to release and move forward, we can alchemically transmute

all residual density and clutter from our minds and our world.

Lifting above the density expression of the 3D Earth,

we can actually be in service to all by transforming ourselves

and holding a clear vision of what we would like to create.

Since the year 2000 we really began an upgrade of consciousness.

Great portals and crystalline cities of higher dimensional realms

of Creation, Sound, and Light began opening up all over the planet.

By raising our consciousness , as individuals and collectively,

we can access immense vast fields of energy for Creation.

We are supported!

Here we are, a new moon and New Year!

Perfect time to hold a vision of the highest vibration

of love and light possible and

to assist and stabilize the unfolding New Earth Template.

Imagine holding the highest vision - only -

for your own life and the Earth,

and to be open to receive inspiration constantly

for solution and innovation.

It is necessary to lift and not get bogged down in the chaos and fear.

To connect to higher levels of consciousness

in order to act, we must open up and hold a vision

from a place of higher wisdom and love.

We have access now to these vast fields

of consciousness like never before.

Higher frequencies of light support our expansion.

Come tune in to the meditation and bring your highest intention.

Receive energy to anchor, stabilize and expand Love.

Stay connected to the truth of your Soul,

the vast energy Being that you are.

You are unlimited and eternal. Remember this.

Many blessings as we step into this beginning,

new energy and the new emerging Earth.

Thank you all for holding the light ,

may the path reveal great beauty before you.

Much Love,

~ Mari

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