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Infinity Chakra Intensive Special

This Infinity Chakra  Intensive Special includes:


An Avesa Balancing Healing Session $150 


Plus…  7 - one hour Sessions Coaching Package -$700 

 ( a $350 discount) 


For the month of September 2023

This will be an opportunity to move into the Ascended Chakra System .

Access higher frequencies and release blockages chakra by chakra.


Each session in the Coaching package is a personalized scan/read/cleansing,

moving through the chakras to clear blockages that keep you from your freedom. 

This intensive is designed to help you lift your frequency into Higher States of Balance and Peace.


It requires a commitment from YOU to stay on focus with yourself, each session builds on the next. 
It is best to stay in the momentum and so this is a  consecutive SEVEN WEEK COMMITMENT … 

Experience the SHIFT that will move you into higher states of JOY! 

Once you sign up…
You can email me @ to create a scheduled time that we will meet every week.

I look forward to working with you! 

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