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Avesa is an extraordinary energy that in its simplest and purest meaning is Divine Empowerment. Avesa is the ancient art of pure angelic in-soulment and is a mystical and profound energy. Avesa is a deep personal expansive journey as well as an extraordinary healing protocol.

Avesa creates an inter-dimensional quantum energy field where healing and restoration can happen instantly for it operates beyond time and space. It is a tangible solution to the increasingly critical need of our time. It enhances harmony and balance in all aspects of life.

Avesa Quantum Healing is a gift from the Higher Crystalline Dimensions that offers alignment with one's Authentic Soul Energy. Avesa has come forward through an ancient and mystical lineage of wondrous beings. These energies were kept very secretive prior to the year 2000 because the vibrational level of the planet was not ready. Prior to 2000, the last time Avesa was available on this planet was during the late 1800s. It was used by Sage Masters and Guru’s living in the Himalayas and Tibet, who guarded and kept secret this energy.

Prior to that, Avesa was available during the original seeding of Atlantis at the end times. It was used by Crystalline Beings who agreed to come forward with the expansion of light.  They originally came to this planet to seed all of the Avesa information.

Avesa is available now because it was recognized and accepted as a great gift of the Higher Dimensions. It was brought through by lineage holders Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa and Angelic Oracle Kira Raa.

Avesa is a great opportunity to truly participate in the co-creative process of healing on a very profound and multi-galactic level.

Experience the lift and the beautiful connection that Avesa brings.

Click here for a more in-depth understanding about Avesa Quantum Healing.

Avesa Balancing Healing Session - In Person/Remote - 1 hr - $125Avesa Quantum Healing is a unique energy, a modality that opens and prepares the person for higher frequencies to facilitate the healing process. It is the foundation for all sessions and provides an expansionary energy that shifts and transforms everything.Prior to the session, a question or intention is provided to bring focus for information to come forward.A session begins with a brief discussion of the question provided,Using information from the Cards of Clarity and Quantum Clairvoyance,You receive a reading based on what is coming forward for you.We then move into an Avesa Balancing that is a guided meditation, an energetic balancing -a purifying and cleansing chakra by chakra, weaving in whatever information has come forward around the question and reading.You will receive a recording of the session.


Avesa Balancing is a healing process that brings peace and balance. It is the core and first step in Avesa Quantum Healing. It opens the energy field to receive the frequencies that are suitable for your personal healing experience.

An Avesa Balancing is a simple technique of lifting and balancing the chakras, bringing them into an Ascended state. We are at a time now where we are evolving. Avesa is the perfect energy for expansion, and opening to new levels of consciousness and healing. This is an energetic blessing and an alignment with our Authentic Soul Energy.

Avesa Balancing is a beautiful combination of Intention, Sacred Breath and hand movements with crystal pyramids that uplifts and aligns the chakras.  The body fills with high frequency crystalline energy, bringing it into an ascended state.

It can be done sitting in a chair or lying on a table.
It works well with other healing modalities and can be blended with various tools like Crystal bowls, drums and tuning forks to create a beautiful healing experience.

If needed, a deeper healing and exploration of blockages that cause illness and imbalance can be worked with to bring about optimal health. It also works very well long-distance as a remote healing, creating a healing experience for someone who is not able to be local, because of the ability to connect on a Quantum level.

It is truly a profound gift to be able to offer this at this time!

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