I take this moment to give Gratitude and profound Respect to the mentors and teachers that have truly shifted my Life. There are many… much love and Ayni….Amy Lee and the Sisterhood, Grandfather Wallace BlackHeart, Sun Bear, Uncle Richard and Grandmother Becky, Rona Herman, 
Earth-Keepers -Tyberonn & Ann , 
Don Oscar Miro Quesada - The Heart Of The Healer - Universal Shaman , 
Robert Moss - Quantum Dreaming , 
Sri & Kira - Self Ascension - Avesa Quantum Healing , 
Raja Choudhury - Thousand Suns Academy

I will always have tremendous soft spot in my heart for the tireless and dedicated people who forge the way for so many others. May I do the teachings justice as I pass along the wisdom that was given to me, and may we all expand in our creativity because of it.

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