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About Mari Mendoza

I am an energy healer, teacher, artist and ceremonialist. Today I receive great joy in creating beauty and balance in my life and the lives of others who are drawn to health and healing. 


My vision is to assist each person to connect with the Joy, Love and Power within them. Expanding to create something new in their life from a place of Wholeness, Health and Play.


 Karuna Reiki Master

Avesa Inuitive Counselor

Avesa Quantum Master Healer

Universal Shaman Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Peru

Sound & Crystal Healing

Ordained Minister

Master Ceremonialist


How Can I Help You?

Are you at a crossroads and need guidance? 
Are you feeling stuck? Afraid of change?
Low energy? Health challenges?
Do you have old trauma that just won’t lift? 
Are you seeking more balance? 
Do you know that there is more but just don’t know how to access it?
Seeking deep peace and calm in a hectic world?


If you want to feel better, raise your vibration, shift your life, access states of creativity blocked and frozen in trauma, in the body, mind or spirit, open to new possibilities, release the past and transform your life.
Sometimes it requires help and guidance from someone who has been there….Are you ready?



All sessions are customized to your needs, using a combination of healing modalities to create the the perfect session for you.

In person / Remotely (phone or Zoom)



DIVINE  LOVE  New Moon - February 11, 2021

Happy DIVINE LOVE New Moon of February. 

What a powerful month already, we have been bathed in solar radiation, cosmic energies pulsing, energy rising already, things stirring below the surface and in the cosmos. Let the focus be on LOVE this month, why not?

Let’s expand into the frequencies of higher love, coming from the highest dimensions... 



Kathleen T.

Mari Mendoza has made such a difference in my life. I have quite a few disabilities and she gives me relief. I don’t even need to tell her what my problem is - she intuitively knows.  One of my problems is seizures and she helps me with the crippling fear. I no longer fear my seizures, which is completely changed my life. Mari is the real deal. I feel immensely lucky that I have her in my life.



Sessions by Appointment

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Palm Springs, CA 92262

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