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April 2022 - "The Heart of the Mater"

Updated: May 14, 2022

Salutations Dear Ones!!

Sonqoypy Manta!! Munay, Yachay, Yuyay, Hunui Pachamama....

From the Heart- Love, Light, Wisdom, United on our Beloved Earth!!

Join me Friday April 8th 2022 9am Pacific...on Oneness Talk Radio(YouTube)

to explore the idea of..

The Heart of the "Mater"

In this powerful moment of April, the month of the balanced heart,

much is happening that is drawing attention to how

we connect, love, serve and show up.

As the energy keeps escalating, what is being magnified in your world?

This month the focus is all about the heart, the balance of the heart,

and the Full Heart Moon coming up on April 16th..

Pay attention to your alignment and connection with your Heart.

Connect with the heart of the cosmos, your heart, and the heart of the mother, the earth.

Many different expressions from around the world are here in this moment.

Many are coming together to hold love, heart centeredness, and compassion.

In this transformational time, what does it mean to be

in that eternal state of Oneness as a Witness?

To be in divine connection, and also able to navigate the world .

It takes tenacity, balance, and the ability to stay in divine connection.

Ultimately to move out into and navigate through density without judgement!

A tall order to be sure!!

What does it mean to be a witness?

To accept that all is unfolding in Perfection in this moment.

To move out into the world, holding the energy of love and service in balance,

and continue to walk forward holding that love when so much around you is chaos.

WE are in a birthing moment!! We have never done this before!

It is to hold the highest potential and vision for all,

including yourself, by taking very good care of yourself.

The heart is a multi-dimensional portal. There are many expressions of this.

In India in the Sri Vidya Tantra teaching, the Divine Mother Lakshmi is the beauty, love and grace

that pours forth abundance anchoring the Heart open for Love through the sound, mantra, devotion .

In South America the Pachamama is the Heart of the Earth and the Cosmos!

It is an energy!

The infinite expression of the Divine Mother through the heart of the earth, through matter, "Mater",

Mother, your heart, Hridaya, the blossoming of the lotus in your heart,

and the Great Cosmic Heart of the Infinite .

That threefold triple energy is powerful.

Tune in and notice, is your heart open?

Or have you shut down triggered by the trauma you see around you?

As you navigate this time, allow yourself to explore the idea......what is at the heart of the matter.

What is at the heart, what is going on? How are you responding?

Take very good care of yourself, love yourself, love others,

This is a very potent time.

Have a great month,

Munay - Love

~ Mari

Replay of Oneness Talk Radio Show:

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