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Summer Solstice 2024 - Return of Balance


Return of Balance and Solstice Greetings 


                          Namaste Earth Walkers and Star Travelers!!

                                    Greetings everyone, I am back!! 

                           I am sending out this newsletter to reconnect

                                      and let you know that I Am 

                               re-emerging from a deep dive personally.

                             It has been a death and rebirth experience. 

                            A Rebranding of sorts, nothing is the same.

                           The last nine months have been a deep release 

                              of all attachments and old ways of being. 

                                It has been grueling and exhilarating 

                                                at the same time,

                            freeing up much in order to create a New Path.

                               It has taken great Trust in Divine Timing, 

                                             trust that All is Well, 

                             no matter how it appears in the outer world.

                               I have been following the cues so to speak, 

                                              and What A Journey!!   


                                       As I regain Inner Balance, 

                                 I realize the profound upgrade into 

                             a new level of Remembrance and Innocence, 

                                        of Creativity and Sovereignty …. 

                                            A coming back to Oneself 

                                      Remembering the Divinity Within.

                             It has been a deep Inter-Dimensional journey 

                                       that has opened up New Realms 

                                and Connections to my own Star Origins 

                                             and Cosmic Presence

                                  Everyone is doing this aware or not!!

                        Clearing out old trauma, collectively and personally.

                                   Whatever is in your face at this time 

                            is what is needing direct attention and healing.

                                  It is assisting the Planetary Ascension!

                                   Summer Solstice is a powerful time… 

                                        And we have been preparing.

                                       2024 has already been packed 

                                        with Cosmic Celestial Events,

                                 Powerful Eclipses and Earth movements...

                                                Opening the way for 

                                          New Frequencies to come in.


                                        Cosmic Codes and Solar Flares 

                                                are bathing the Earth 

                                             Recently we had worldwide 

                                      Aurora Borealis events that were not 

                                                 the usual skyline at night.

                       This was a visual affirmation of what is happening. 

                                  Through Light, Frequency and Color

                                       We actually got to experience 

                               what is really happening around our Planet.

                                    many reported a magical experience 

                                        as they Witnessed the Beauty!!

                                 This is bringing in Cosmic Support 

                                     and Frequencies that assist 

                                     this Evolutionary moment.


                                     The opportunity to move onto 

                                         a New Timeline of Earth.

                         The moment is at hand to Clear and Rebalance

                                      the distortions that took place, 

                                creating great Negativity and Separation.

                    Those of you who have memory of Atlantis and Lemuria,

                         and the destruction of these Ancient Civilizations, 

                                 who carry the guilt, anger, fear, sadness.

                                  What is emerging is an Opportunity 

                                     for great Healing and Cleansing, 

                                  and a return to the Pristine Balance 

                         of the Original Blueprint of the Divine Masculine 

                                    and Divine Feminine Templates 

                               This coincides with the Ancient Prophecies 

                                   of the Return of the Condor - Eagle 


                                 The new Template of Mind and Heart 


                                  As we approach the Summer Solstice, 

                       It is a time of gratitude, abundance and celebration.

                                In the Indigenous cultures who Remember,

                           Solstice is celebrated with family and community… 

                                      focused on Gratitude and Reverence 

                                    for a Nature and everything around us.

                                       This is a fascinating moment, 

                               an opportunity to Receive the Cosmic Codes 

                                     bathing us and Focus the Energy 

                                 on New Creation, Vision, Future Creating

                                Tapping into the Heart, Mind, Connection, 

                                    balancing the Masculine - Feminine 

                            and the Rise into the Return of Paradise on Earth

                           Returning to a sense of Innocence and Purity, 

                                         stepping into Sovereignty 

                               Remembering Yourself as a Cosmic Being

                                          is the Greater Journey!!

                                  I have made many plans this year 

                                 and been redirected over and over, 

                                    which is why I have been off-line… 

                            Diving deep into the Interdimensional Realms 

                                       to Recalibrate so to speak 

                               and find the new level of Centerpoint 

                                     in my own Evolution as a Cosmic Being 

                                experiencing this beautiful physical planet, 

                                      Mother Gaia, Pachamama, Terra


                               I am Traveling to Mt Shasta for Solstice 

                                   and look forward to sharing about 

                                what discoveries and Cosmic Connections 

                                                 come forward.

                                                 Very Exciting!!!

                                 I am also going to be on Martha's Vinyard 

                                              for the August 8-8 Lionsgate,

                                  I will have a calendar of times available, 

                                            open for private sessions 

                                        and we are working on a place 

                                    to do a special ceremony on that date.

                                Stay tuned, things are moving forward!!

                                  I look forward to connecting with you, 

                                        wherever in the World You Are.

                           Many Blessings and Peace, Abundance and Health 

                                                Happy Solstice to You!


                                                         ~ Mari 

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