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Full Moon Eclipse Meditation - November 2022

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Namaste beloved Star Travelers!

Today, we step into a Full Moon Solar Eclipse Gateway!

Wow! This is a moment to really focus your attention

on infinite possibilities for healing, abundance, new life,

anchoring in the ascension frequencies that are available to us now.

The cosmic energies that are flowing

through this gateway are expansive, timeless, awesome!

Words can’t fully describe the infinite potential

that is available to us now if we will tap into and access it.

To tune in and step into these eternal life frequencies,

is an ancient cosmology that Egyptians

and many other cultures were aware of.

They left us reminders that we are


Many of you have traveled to Egypt in this lifetime or other lifetimes.

I was fortunate to travel there at a very pivotal time in my life.

It opened up the codes and

helped me to remember my cosmic ancient past.

I have a very deep connection there as many of you also have.

This meditation came through this morning as a tool,

to assist and help you, to step into,

this MASTERY CREATION ENERGY for eternal life.