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Divine Remembering Meditation - December 4, 2021

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Namaste beloved’s, What a powerful month ahead!

Join us for a free Zoom call on

Sunday, December 19th at 9am PDT

Let’s celebrate the Winter Solstice!!

We begin with a blast off as we move into this beautiful new moon of December and, on the same day, a total Solar Eclipse.

The 12-12-21 is next and then on December 19th we transit the Galactic center and move into the Winter Solstice. Wow!

A time of majesty and mystery as we open to the infinite energy of the winter sky.

It is a profound activator of something deep within us, a divine remembering as we see the celestial star gates around us in the deep night sky.

This is my favorite time of the year to stargaze.

Winter Solstice is the longest night, the sun is farthest away and the sky is a map of many destinations.

In this moment we are being activated into divine remembrance of who we really are, the profound beauty, radiance, infinite expansion of remembering our cosmic origins.

As the multi-dimensional energies overlap, we are in a birth moment, 2022 has already begun.

We are able to navigate this time when we stay connected into our heart and and hold presence.

Our precious bodies are integrating the new frequencies coming in.

Your Soul knows the way, make space for quiet time and self care this month.

Listen and receive.

It is time to remember, to look beyond the veil and expand into the vast limitless Cosmos.

All who are here now have experienced many different expressions throughout the cosmos.

This is a time to remember who we really are and allow all that is emerging to come forward.

You are a creative being, your expression as a beautiful cosmic being of light is unique in all of the cosmos.

All of the travels through the eons of time bring forth much wisdom.

Tap into this wisdom, remember yourself as a limitless Being.

Time to celebrate that YOU ARE HERE NOW, and bring forth great beauty, joy and celebration of who YOU are.

We have been on an expanding out-breath from God, Source, the One, and now, we are on the return in-breath gathering up all experiences, clearing away all that does not serve and returning back to the One.

What does that mean as we navigate the physical realm?

When you remember who you are, you get in touch with the Infinite energy of God.

To be in divine service, reverence, deep respect and gratitude, for that Source of all life.

You are but a spark of that Source!

Breathe in the enormity of that!

You are in form as divine love, creativity, intelligence, a magnificent Being - experiencing energy as a traveler through time, space, cosmos.

It is said that this Earth school is one giant galactic lounge, and you have come to assist the birthing of a new energy that has never been done in physical form.

What do you bring to it?

Your light, your beauty, your talent, your gifts, your treasures.

Let us weave together our beauty, our love, our highest intentions.

As we move through this new moon, let’s step through the gateway and stabilize the crystalline temple of radiant light.

I have been guided by Spirit to create this altar of 12 crystalline pillars as a temple of sanctuary and stability.

It is to hold the alignment and stabilize the the energy as we navigate this moment and birth into 2022.

The crystalline pillars are Selenite, of the Archangelic, and a very high frequency to hold Divine Mastery Presence.

Step into the circle and hold your light, and TRUST.

Focus your beautiful awareness on what you want to create.

Receive that beauty through your sacred heart temple.

Allow the beautiful golden rose pink light of the Temple to stabilize through your heart.

It is radiating the beauty of the 12th dimension and beyond.

The Hathors, Elohim, Archangelic, and the great Masters of many dimensions.

It is the Divine Goddess returning to bring the balancing on all levels, respect and reverence for all life.

The return to the One is NOW! Celebrate each other!

May you have a most beautiful holiday season, the Winter Solstice is a celebration of the return of light.

Join us for the group gathering on Zoom, and let’s open our hearts to that which is emerging.

Use this meditation practice often as it is a Temple of Light.

With great love and gratitude for all of your love and support, your divine connection, and your great beauty, I AM with you, sending great hugs and kisses in the deepest gratitude and reverence for walking this path with you.

Let us uplift! I Am as We Are, It Is LOVE.

A Deep Bow to your Radiance.

Many Blessings,



Click on the link below to listen to the meditation:

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