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Crystalline Violet Ray Meditation - April 11, 2021

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Greetings on this April New Moon!

I was inspired and prompted by the crystals to create this Dream Chamber meditation for this moment !!

Click on meditation link below:

March Equinox set the stage for the Crystalline Rainbow bridge opening, and it was powerful!

I AM sure you can feel the Creation energy pulsing!

We now have the gift of the Crystalline Violet Ray and St.Germaine coming forward.

Many of you know of the violet flame and use it regularly in healing and prayer.

Now is the time to call upon it and assist the planetary uplevel, and it begins with you.

Are you practicing Impeccability?

I first heard of the word Impeccability through the shamans I encountered.

It means - Are you walking your talk?

In India, the word Ahimsa - Absolute non violence in thought, word or deed

against another, or YOURSELF!!

Getting honest with yourself and having the compassion to recognize that we all have blind spots.

We are all doing the best we can in this tremendous time of evolution.

Our teachers, leaders, siblings, even our most beloved friends are challenged.

So much more is going on than you realize.

In order for the Earth to Ascend into higher frequencies,

we must each clear much trauma in the planetary thought body.

The violence and hatred has to be shifted, we can’t take it with us.

This is an opportunity to transmute the collective trauma and imbalance,

as we rise into even more refined crystalline energy.

This serves to stabilize the Creation Consciousness fields of the New Earth Grids.

I love crystals and have studied and worked with crystals for nearly thirty years.

As I remembered past incarnations of mastery with them,

I began creating grids and traveling to remote places on the Earth.

In groups we activated crystals in temple sites and buried them at power points

to hold energy for the coming alignments.

Now we are being called into new alignments.

It is time to do this differently.

As we move ever more into the crystalline age of high frequency,

whatever you carry in your DNA, your ancestry, it is most advisable

to do whatever you can to assist the cleansing and releasing of the old paradigms.

You will feel better.

Much anxiety and fear is emerging TO BE CLEARED!

Using the Violet Flame to transmute whatever is coming up for you, and especially

the trauma and misuse of the crystal technology that sits in our collective memory.

I was inspired and have to shout out to Tyb and Ann who are in spirit now.

When I traveled with the Earthkeeper Tribe and AA Metatron, I learned much from those beloved mentors.

You may know that rich veins of crystals, miles long lay beneath the surface of the earth.

When we build grids, we align with the crystalline and magnify their power.

Many sentinel crystals as tall as skyscrapers all around the Earth, deep underground,

have been awaiting this time, and are activated.

This grid I created is stabilized with Master Vogel crystals and Crystal Skulls

that wanted to be used again in service of the light.

The Amethyst is a powerful spiritual ray and supports the Transmutation.

The meditation can be used frequently, more power to your visioning as you move forward!

With great love and blessings,

in this season of renewal and rebirth

Om Shanti

~ Mari


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