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Galactic Heart Meditation - June 10, 2021

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Balance of the Ascended Heart

Namaste Star Family!!

Here we are in June already, the planets are in motion,

Solstice is approaching and we are being called into balance.

Specifically , the Balance of the Ascended Heart…

to stabilize and uplift the higher LOVE vibration that is needed

to hold the frequency of the NEW EARTH.

Many of you have been with me as we honor the Chakana,

the Andean Cross - Peruvian Medicine Wheel…

It is increasingly important to honor the Elementals,

Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Etheric and all of Pachamama’s

realms and guardians, the Shining Ones and Ancients,

through all dimensions from The Within

to the Chaska Runa - River of Stars and Beyond.

As the Ascension frequencies continue to pulse

waves of Creation energy from the Galactic core,

All Beings are asked to elevate

into the pure pulse wave of LOVE

that is held in the Sacred Chamber of the Cosmic Heart.

In some this is already open and aligned

with the Beauty of the Divine Cosmic Self,