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Libra Cosmic Love Full Moon - April 7, 2023

Greetings in this Libra Full Moon energy!

It is setting the stage for a powerful month of April.

The message coming through is

the Cosmic Pink Flame, the Magenta Ray,

Powerful Love energy is flowing in on this April Full Moon!

This energy is about Cosmic Love.

Working with the Sacred Flames I recognized,

the frequency and vibration of Cosmic Love.

I was surrounded by the most profound Magenta color,

the room was saturated in this Love Vibration

One of the ways I get information is

in receiving images , information and colors

and tune in to what is being revealed.

During meditation, as you may know, we move into a higher state of receiving.

As I open and receive information

I step in to my Divine Connection and receive the flow.

Sometimes , it is quite an adjustment, and I am moved to tears.

It is the energy and vibration of profound connection.

Deep Love and Support is always available.

Lately, much has surfaced to make way for the new that is birthing.

As I become aware and heal past trauma,

I open to another wave of LOVE.

The flushing and clearing sometimes brings oceans of tears

that wash away, trauma, wounding, hurt, and disappointment.

Still unpacking more layers!

It goes deep...

Moving through life, we can get banged up quite a bit

as Life comes up against our boundaries, judgment and wounding.

Now is the Opportunity

Opening to receive Divine Love,

the Love of the Higher Realms of Light, and those who carry these frequencies,

this is the moment to call in and Command the Light !

We are being called to Remember Who We Are!

We are Masters from across the Cosmos who have come here

to assist in this planetary evolution.

What is surfacing for you?

Where do you identify?

Do you default to the small self, the ego that is the wounded child

who carries hurts disappointments, judgments and fear, or....

Do you step in and call forward your Mastery and

Open to Receive and Radiate the Cosmic Love

that is part of your Cosmic Inheritance !

As we are all weaving together, many energies,

can we bring Harmony, Divine Love, Wisdom, Grace, Compassion

and Creativity to build this New World?

Or do we crumble under the energy of the illusion, the current movie,

nightmare that is playing out on the 3-D density world stage!

The old is crumbling away, what do you give energy to?

Some of my very first mentors and teachers,

Grandmothers of the Iroquois Seneca were of a Dreaming Nation!

The teaching is, as many of you who have traveled with me over

time have heard me say ,many times,

the real Focus, Teaching is about the Dreaming!

What are you Dreaming Awake,

what are you putting your Focus on?

What you give Power to Expands, Ignites and Stabilizes.

We are needed to heal our collective wounding and judgment

We can stay in victim, abuser, rescuer,

or move into healer, teacher, mentor

as we heal all of those energies.

Stay the course, LOVE YOURSELF, through all of it,

Notice what is coming up.

Old behaviors, habits, resistance, denial,

maybe you check out, remember,

this can be a VERY INTENSE TIME!.

Keep going, and have Compassion for yourself!

There is an old saying, hysterical is historical.

Time to release the past and tune into who YOU really ARE,

A Soul having this experience...

a Vast Being of Light!

You came to Create,

Tune in to your Core, the Centerpoint

Your Soul , I AM Presence.

You are connected to Source,

In South America they call it the Rainbow Bridge,

it is a direct connection,

YOU ARE a Shining One.

Remembering this opens you up to receive

the guidance, grace, and beauty of the Realms of Light.

Allow yourself to dive into the Creativity,

the Lusciousness, the Juiciness,

the Freedom and the Energy of Divine Love,

Move, Dance, Play!

Let yourself revel in this energy of

Spring, Rebirth, Transformation.

Big energy is flowing in, and is being celebrated

and observed all over the world during this sacred Holy week.

Through the energy of love,

Receive, and Command the light to transform everything!

You are LOVE, you are POWER, you are CONNECTED!,


See details below,


Be it! Live it!

Honor it!

In great Divine Love and Gratitude for this journey,

may you receive Peace, Love and Harmony,

from my Heart to your Heart


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A reminder...........

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This is a multi dimensional workshop, we will explore portals of energy,

connect and learn about the Sacred Elements of the Shamanic traditions,

and open to the Cosmic frequencies of our Galactic chakras.

This will be a fantastic journey in Connection, Discovery, Creativity, and Revelation.

It will uplift your energy and Spirit, and


Sign up and step in soon...

as we are beginning to build, and

gather in the frequencies and energies.

Can you feel it? Meet us in the portal !

Much love,

~ Mari

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