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444 Gateway: Perfect Balance of the Heart

Updated: May 14, 2023

Here's a meditation that will help you align with this moment of the 444 Gateway.

You can listen to this anytime to help you connect with your Heart. Meditation:

Namaste friends,

This is truly a pivotal point in our evolution, on so many levels.

There is chaos all around and yet the call is to go within and align with our Heart, the Still Point Center.

The image above is my interpretation of the Ascended frequencies as I was shown the 4,

the Perfect Balance of the Heart…the Equilateral cross. Gaze at it and breathe in the balance and light .

Stabilize in the center and breathe this energy through your field.

Coming up is the Gateway of 4-4-4, a portal of energy, an alignment of planets.

This is an opportunity to access and receive the Coding that is coming in from the Great Galactic Sun.

We are expanding into our greater multi - dimensional capacities, can you feel it?

How is your balance?

Are you whipsawed around by the outer world or able to focus your attention on the moment?

In Ascended Numerology, the 4 is the energy of Perfect Balance.

Add them up, 4-4-4=12... the energy of completion.

We are finishing a huge cycle, all imbalances are coming forward to clear.

New frequencies are birthing to assist us to create a new Earth.

Collectively we can assist. We can consciously step in to hold the vibration.

If many are holding Intention to uplift, the greater the stabilization of higher ascension frequencies will be.

In many cultures the image of the equilateral cross, medicine wheel, the Celtic cross has been used as a focus to create ceremonial space.

In shamanic cultures the alignment of the Stars and the Earth is very important.

We are conduits for the Divine.

At this time, as we open, we are birthing new levels of connection, energy, creation.

The Cosmic Heart is also opening and stabilizing through us.

This means we have to notice what imbalances are surfacing and work to transmute them.

Fear or Love…it’s as basic as that.

As old structures and paradigms fall away, it is truly a death of a way of Being.

Everyone is experiencing this. Can you let go and allow what is emerging?

Change is easier when you surrender resistance and open up to the possibilities.

Imagine stepping into the center of your heart, right in the middle of the image, and breathe.

As we open to and anchor our Divine Presence in the heart, we can assist the planet.

By receiving the pure, high vibrations from the Unified Field of Crystalline Light,

we can then release and radiate the pure frequencies out.

I have included a meditation to assist you and walk you through the process.

I trust that all that is unfolding before you may be challenging your very existence.

You have all that you need to navigate this time within you.

Self care, rest, clean food are all helpful.

Meditation and prayer, a meaningful connection will help uplift and raise your frequency.

Love or Fear, where do you want to be?

Much Love and Blessings

Om Shanti



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